Wide Angle Tasmania is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that has delivered grassroots opportunities and resources to the Tasmanian screen sector for 14 years. 

Wide Angle Tasmania's mission is:

To encourage, develop and support Tasmanian screen practitioners.

Collaborating with our members, other organisations, individuals and governments, WAT will: 

          ✦  take a leadership role in developing Tasmanian screen practitioners 
          ✦  provide opportunities and resources to support production of local screen stories 
          ✦  strengthen the community of screen practitioners who work across the commercial,
               community and arts sectors in Tasmania 
          ✦  develop and implement innovative approaches to engaging and inspiring audiences 
          ✦  be a dynamic, responsible and highly effective organisation.

Read more  by downloading Wide Angle Tasmania's 2017-19 Strategic Plan here.



WAT Annual Reports:

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Other Files:

WAT Service Charter

WAT Volunteer Policy

WAT Sponsorship Policy


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