Wool Drapes

Need to hire draping for your film shoot, performance or event? Our black wool and velvet drapes come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.  

Depending on your requirements you might need uprights and crossbars to hang the drapes - let us know if you need to discuss the options (including background systems).

Please note that the drapes have been well loved and are not in pristine condition - if you require flawless draping, these won't be suitable.


  1. 5m wide X 5m drop (heavy wool, velcro trim)
  2. 6m wide x 2.7m drop (light curtain, eyelets)
  3. 3m wide x 3.1 m drop (velvet)
  4. 3m wide x 6 m drop (velvet)
  5. 4m wide x 5m drop (heavy wool) 
  6. 4m wide x 5m drop (heavy wool)
  7. 3m wide x 4m drop (light wool, FABRIC ONLY)
  8. 3m wide x 4m drop (light wool, eyelets)
  9. 6m wide x 4m drop (light wool, eyelets)
  10. 4.5m wide x 9.7m drop (heavy wool, eyelets)
  11. Fabric only - 9m wide (4.5m at the top) x 7m drop (heavy wool, hessian + eyelets) 
  12. 10m wide x 4m drop star curtain (contact for further info on this old-school bad boy)

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