Water - A Poem

WATER: A POEM is the story of man’s inner struggle to overcome the toxic forces that destroy our innocence and suppress the immense creative potential that slumbers within us all.

DIRECTORS: Justus Neumann & Andrew Del Vecchio      
WRITER: Justus Neumann
PRODUCER: Dominique Hurley
DURATION: 9 mins 56 secs
YEAR: 2009

Water - A Poem, Raw Nerve 2009 from Wide Angle Tasmania on Vimeo.

A CLOWN wearing a black suit and hat rides his bike along a gravel road by the sea.  He is sick. Heavily congested by society’s manipulative and destructive thinking patterns.  He is not alone. He is burdened by the extra weight of his “other”, his ALTER EGO, whose sole purpose is to make the Clown’s journey of life a tormented and sorrowful one.  In deep despair, battered and beaten by the toxic force behind him the clown’s fortune suddenly changes when he reconnects with his inner child. From here he can either step bravely into the unknown or return to the conformity of our pain stricken society. He picks up his bike and walks fearlessly into the ocean. As he disappears into its deep waters his hat is left floating gently with the current. Has he paid with his life in order to regain his absolute freedom? No!


St Kilda Film Festival (2010) - Nominated for Most Positive Image of Age and Best Achievement in Sound Post Production. 
Opening night programme Flickerfest on Tour - Tasmania (March, 2010)
Toured around Tasmania as part of Ten Days on the Island (2010)
Heart of Gold Film Festival, QLD (2011)
Young at Heart Film Festival, NSW (2011)
BOFA Short Film Festival, Tas (2013)
Raw Nerve QR Film Festival - Taste of Tasmania (2014)
BOFA @the Barn, Hobart - September 27, 2015
The Loop Hobart - 20 November 2018 - 28 February 2019

Man: Justus Neumann
Boy: Louie Manix

Exec Producer: Beverley Jefferson
Supervising Producer: Roger Scholes
Focus Puller: Tom Waugh
Production Designer: Justus Neumann
Costume Designer: Nicola Hubbard
Sound: Andrew Nash
Composer: Julius Schwing
Editor: Daniel Broun
Post Audio Production: Mike Gissing


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