Wide Angle Residency

Wide Angle Residency... the keys to the Wide Angle Screen Centre for up to three months to work on your screen venture.

Download the Application and Guidelines here for the April - June 2020 Residency

Applications must be emailed to info@wideangle.org.au by 10am Friday February 28, 2020

The Wide Angle Residency provides Tasmanian screen practitioners with the opportunity to concentrate on their screen project or screen business for a period of between one and three months.  This “gift of time” will allow filmmakers to work without distraction to break new ground and progress their screen venture.  The Wide Angle Residency provides a home base, resources and facilities for individuals or teams of screen practitioners.

What’s on offer:

  • Free office space at Wide Angle Screen Centre (6 Washington Street, South Hobart - includes electricity, water and Wi-Fi).
  • Free access to the studio/cinema, meeting room, common areas and WAT Film Kit (negotiated at application)

Applications are now open for Residencies for the next block of three months for 2020.  Applicants should nominate their preferred length for the residency (one, two or three months) and start date – no earlier than March 30.

Applications Open


Applications due

Feb 28, 2020


by March 13, 2020

Available Residency dates

Any period between March 30 and June 26, 2020


This initiative is open to all Tasmanian screen practitioners wishing to advance a project, enterprise or business that contributes to a vibrant, diverse and renewable screen culture.    

Applications are due 10am Fri Feb 28, 2020 by email to info@wideangle.org.au.  You are welcome to visit the Wide Angle Screen Centre to check out the space available and discuss the terms and conditions in more detail with Wide Angle Tasmania staff.

Please note that an administrative processing fee will be charged for each application. $15 for WAT members.  $80 for non-WAT members (this fee includes a 12 month WAT membership).  All applicants MUST be WAT members for the duration of the residency.


What do we expect?

  • A clear goal to be achieved by the end of the Residency. This may include completion of a script, editing a screen project, launch of a screen business or screen product etc.  This outcome will be shared with the Wide Angle Tasmania community at the end of the Residency (the nature of how the outcome will be shared will be negotiated with the residents).
  • All applicants must be current WAT members throughout the Residency period
  • Short video testimonial (under 3mins) and 50-100 word written testimonial of the value of the residency within a week of completing the residency
  • A copy of any film on DVD and stills (if a screen work is produced)
  • Logo credit/bio acknowledgement (as negotiated)
  • Contribution to a WAT programme during the Residency (eg. Taking stills at an event, filming an interview etc. – to be negotiated at the time of offer, based on the skill set of those involved)
  • An agreement will be made with Residents that outlines the expectations of all parties

Wide Angle Residency has been awarded to: 

Oct-Dec 2019: Electric Yak

Sept 2019: Joel Wilson

Aug 2019: Oliver Potter

Feb 2019: Ninna Millikin & Takani Clark

Jan 2019: U25 Enterprise

October - December 2018: Mark Thomson

July - September 2018: Lisa Gormley and Aeshlie Wheeler

Resident Testimonials

Ninna Millikan and Takani Clark

"A huge thanks to Wide Angle Tasmania for The Washington Residency opportunity. This proved immensely valuable to Electric Yak. In our time spent there we were able to focus on our development slate, submit funding applications and execute some crucial in-house development tasks. Whilst working in a community hub we were able to engage with the wider screen community here and even entered into discussions with new and emerging local creatives. Having access to this space enabled us to achieve our primary goal of finalising the financing of our new web-series and were able to commence production shortly after."
Paul Moran, Electric Yak Dec 2019

"TAS CASTING are so incredibly thankful for the support of Wide Angle Tasmania and the Washington Residency for giving us a productive and positive office space to establish our business. As part of the Washington Residency we received invaluable guidance in regard to our industry and direct contact with film makers and industry professionals. The space was positive, quiet and productive with all the resources we needed to get our business functioning professionally. We were also lucky enough to be enrolled in the End Game initiative which greatly supported us in achieving our goals over the 3 months."
Lisa and Aeshlie, TAS CASTING

"I had access to an office, some equipment and was able to use the hall and mini cinema for the events I had planned. A benefit of this residency was that it allowed me the luxury of failure and to make mistakes. This in turn has led to reflection on how to modify the idea do it in a better and more practical way.  In the meantime, by doing something rather than talking about it, I’ve engaged a number of key stakeholders... and also met some great collaborators who have experience in streaming and have provided some valuable advice on how to do it differently going forward."
Mark Thomson

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