Tottle, David

Role(s) / Industry: 

With nearly 20 years experience as a Location Sound Recordist, David has recorded sound for some of the most respected TV shows in the world including Dan Rather Reports & 60 Minutes. As well as the most intimate of moments of peoples lives recording heart transplants on the ‘Gift’ and the most tragic on ‘Serious Crash Unit’ to world events such as the Iraq War and the shocking aftermath of both the Bali bombing and September 11th in New York.
David has also been a regular on the large scale reality shows from My Kitchen Rules to Master-Chef, X Factor and The Voice.
After being trained and based out of Sydney he is now located in Hobart Tasmania, giving you the access his years of experience with your next project.
The most recent productions have been a variety of projects ranging from TVC’s and Documentaries to Lifestyle and large scale Reality Shows, with a duration of one to one hundred days.
Projects have also included consulting in the pre-production phase and implementation of location sound requirements for single and multiple camera productions, as well as operating as Audio Supervisor on productions.
David has the ability, temperament and experience to work in a two man team or as a member of a large scale production on either single day shoots or long term projects.
David is also experienced at working in overseas environments and is available to travel to all corners of the globe for your next project.
Extra Training
Biological & Chemical Warfare Survival Training High Risk Deployment and Hostile Environment Training which included Crisis Management, Detention & Kidnap, Booby Trap & Mine Field searches and Trauma Medical Training.
Equipment available:
Latest in Location Sound Recording equipment including but not limited to;
Sound Devices Location Recorder
Portable mixer kit for all situations.
6x Radio mic’s available .
Zaxcom Digital Stereo Camera Links
Multiple microphones for indoor/outdoor


         FEATURE FILMS       
Top Twins (Untouchable Girls) -   NZ
Birth of a Warrior-    NSW 
        TV SHOWS:

  • Embarrassing Bodies Downunder,
  • Today Tonight,
  • Please Marry My Boy,
  • Farmer Wants a Wife,
  • Recipe to Riches.
  • Sunday Night,
  • My Kitchen Rules,
  • The Renovators,
  • Little People Big World,
  • Dan Rather Reports,
  • The Voice,
  • X Factor,
  • Australia’s Got Talent,
  • Beauty & the Geek,
  • Australia’s Next Top Model
  • Oprah, The Ultimate Australia
  • Jamie’s Backyard
  • Find my Family,
  • Backyard Blitz,
  • Australia’s Best Backyards,
  • Ten Years Younger,
  • Food Safari,
  • Second Opinion,
  • Coles Great Aussie Cook Off,
  • My Kids a Star,
  • Lush House,
  • Party Gardeners,
  • Coastwatch
  • The Gruen Transfer,
  • Master Chef,
  • Junior Master Chef,
  • The Biggest Loser,
  • Can of Worms,
  • Escape with ET,
  • My Kids a Star,
  • 60 Minutes,
  • Homemade,
  • A Current Affair,
  • 9 Sports,
  • Footy Show,
  • Today Show,
  • Mornings with Kerri Anne,
  • Blood, Sweat & Gears,
  • Sky Sports,
  • Sky Racing,
  • MaX,
  • MTV
  • Channel V.
  • Showtime Movie News
  • Movie Network Movie News.
  • Movie Network trailer Park.
  • Fantasy Homes Down-Under,
  • Australia’s Next Top Model,
  • The Chopping Block,
  • Ronnie Jones Half Hour,
  • Serious Crash Unit
  • Our Place,
  • Animal Hospital,
  • Your Business,
  • RPA,
  • 9 News,
  • Forensic Investigators,
  • True Stories.
  • The Gift,
  • Aust. Idol,
  • Inside Idol,
  • Australia’s Most Wanted
  • Strictly Speaking,
  • Make me a Supermodel,
  • Missing Persons Unit,
  • Skating on Thin Ice,
  • My Restaurant Rules,
  • The Real Sea Change,
  • Beauty & The Beast,
  • Confidential,
  • Luke’s Workshop,
  • Foreign Correspondent,
  • Asia Pacific,
  • Media Watch,
  • Talking Heads,
  • Can we help?,
  • On Trial TV,
  • Gangs of Oz,
  • Missing Pieces,
  • Local Heroes