A timid young boy must unleash his inner Titan to stand up to his teenage arch nemisis.

PRODUCERS: Carmen Falk & Nick Falk
DURATION: 6 mins 28 secs
YEAR: 2014


Innocent day-dreamer, Jack, hates himself for handing over his prize Fighting Fantasy Titan card to Isaac, the reigning Tasmanian BeastClash Champion. But when Jack struggles to find the courage to get it back, he turns to his hero for inspiration. If he could just be the Titan for one day, Isaac would be mincemeat. So he makes a wish to become the Titan. But when his wish unexpectedly comes true, Jack gets cold feet and is convinced he has become even more of a freak. When Isaac confronts him again and this time rips up Jack's Titan card, Jack snaps and finds his inner-strength. He becomes the Titan.


Raw Nerve Premiere - Hobart, February 2015
Flickerfest - Sydney, NSW, January 2015
FlickerKids - FlickerFest Tour, NSW, (3 screenings) & QLD, February 2015 
Flickerfest Tour - Tasmania, March 2015 (3 screenings)
University of Tasmania - Tasmania Law Reform Institute, June 2015
ABC2 and iview - Australia, Sept 11, 2015
iview - Australia, Sept 12 - 26, 2015
BOFA @ the Barn, Hobart, Sept 25
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF) October 23-November 1, 2015
Virgin Inflight, December 2015 - January 2016
ABC2/ivew - Feb 7, 2017

Curtis Cordwell - Jack,
Emily Machin - Emily,
Lachlan Hatfield - Isaac,
Georgia Kokkoris,
Jack Barwick,
Bryony Geeves,
David Abbott,
Byron Smith,
Ben Smith,
Nathan O'Dowd

Abi Binning - Executive Producer
Karel Segers - Script Editor
Dick Marks - Mentor Producer
David Burr and Michael Sampey - Directors of Photography
Thomas Waugh - Camera Assistant
Michael Sampey - Editor
Heath Brown - Composer
Tobi Armbuster - Sound Recordist
Mel Cooper - Make-up SFX Artist
Adam Walker Film - VFX Artist
Mike Gissing - Colour Grade and Sound Mix

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