Thost, Doug


Stills Photographer, Camera Operator & Assistant, Timelapse specialist


Director and Camera for ABC documentary "Ice Shelf" shot on location in
Antarctica and Heard Island (ABC Natural History Unit, Nov 2003. DV
Additional photography in ABC documentary "Eye of the Storm: El Niño",
shooting time lapse of storms and clouds in Ecuador (Super 16mm).
Additional photography (Antarctic footage) used in the documentaries
“Killers of Eden” (ABC), “Surviving Extremes” (ABC), “4 Corners” (ABC,
28.08.06), and “Catalyst” (29.04.10; 20.05.10).
Sound Recordist & Camera Assistant for ABC documentary “Island of the
Vampire Birds”, shot on the Galapagos Islands, working with David Parer
(ABC NHU, 1999).
Grip Attachment “Arctic Blast” feature film, 2009.
Additional Photography, Camera Assistant for David Parer, and Time
Lapse camera, “Devil Island”, 2014 (360 degree productions, ABC).
1st AC "Sixteen Legs" with Joe Shemesh, 2014-15.
Gear  includes:
Gyro-stabilised helicopter mount (internal) for cameras up to 7kg
Kenyon KS-8 gyro, Kenyon KS-12 gyro
Dito Gear Omnislider
Canon 5D3 + various Canon lenses including 85mm 1.2 L II, 70-200mm 2.8 L, 300mm 2.8 L
Panasonic GH4 and Metabones Speed Booster EOS mount