Thicker Than Water

Cruel is the strife of brothers.

DIRECTOR:  Daniel Speed
PRODUCERS: Daniel Speed, Dominique Hurley, Carolyn Frichot
WRITER:  Daniel Speed
DURATION: 7 mins 20 secs
YEAR: 2010

Once inseparable, brothers Darkie and Blondie have taken very different paths. Reunited at the farm they grew up on, both try to repair a relationship damaged by separation, shifting ideologies and dark memories of their late father.

Pre-entertainment Tropfest (2012)


Stuart Loone: Darkie
Cheyne Mitchell: Blondie
Andrew Quaille: Parking inspector
Jackie the dog

Executive Producer: Beverley Jefferson And Graham Gates
Supervising Producer: Roger Scholes
Script Editor: Jonathon Dawson

Production managers: Dominique Hurley, Carolyn Frichot
Cinematographer: Simon Gray
1st Assistant Director: Matthew Rooke
Production Assistant: Will Rhodes
Sound Recordist: Nick Roach
Focus Puller: Tom Waugh
Gaffer: Sam Theile
Location Manager: Carolyn Frichot
Stills photographer: Catherine Derrick
Score: Martin Kennedy
Editors: Mike Sampey, Richard Hawley
Sound editor/colour grade: Mike Gissing, Digital City Studios

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