The Radiophonic Artist - Women of the Island

Welcome to the strange and magical world of sound performance artist Julia Drouhin, where radios are instruments and records are edible.

CO-PRODUCERS: Lara van Raay & Ninna Millikin
DURATION: 5mins 1sec
YEAR: 2017

Julia Drouhin is a performance artist with an unusual way of hearing the world. She finds radio static ‘relaxing’, constructs records that can be eaten, and delights in recording the ‘mundane’ noises that surround her. Born in France, Julia’s art practice changed significantly when she moved to Tasmania in her adult life. The landscape, soundscape and community of the isolated island inspired Julia to expand her art practice to incorporate her body, the new sounds she encountered, and a darker more ritualistic approach. Julia’s art is fuelled by a curiosity, playfulness and desire to open people’s ears to hear the world a little bit differently.


LAWEB FEST 2018, USA - April, 2018 
Cradle Mountain Film Festival, Australia - April, 2018
Melbourne WebFest, Australia - June, 2018

Nominated for Outstanding Reality Series, Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Cinematography & Outstanding Editing at LAWEB FEST, USA - April, 2018 
Winner Outstanding Cinematography LAWEB FEST 2018 (Reality - Documentary series)
Nominated for Best Australian non-fiction series at Melbourne WebFest, June 2018



Julia Drouhin
Pip Stafford


Director & Producer - Rebecca Thomson
Co-Producers - Ninna Millikin & Lara van Raay
Executive Producer - Abi Binning
Associate Producers - Michael Gissing & Linda Booth
Camera - Ninna Millikin
Second Camera - Rebecca Thomson
Sound - Lara van Raay
Stills Photographer - Lara van Raay
Editor - Rebecca Thomson
Graphics - Vivien Mason
Sound Mix & Colour Grade - Digital City Studios
Series Mentor - Kirsty Stark
Website Design - Sarah Owen

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