The Quiet Boy

Madison tries having a relationship with a shy boy called Mark. Madison finds it frustrating but knows only she can break Mark’s shell.

DURATION: 6min 36secs
YEAR: 2019

Mark has developed a low self esteem from past experiences of banter in his life. Madison falls for him and tries having a relationship with him. Grace her friend is against her being together because of what Mark used to be before he was shy. This is until Nathan, one of Mark’s friends, tells her about the effects of banter on him and she soon understands that Madison is Mark’s only hope to feel more confident in himself. But Mark doesn’t feel comfortable about putting Madison through the relationship anymore and breaks it off.


End Game Round 3 Showcase, May 10 2019

Liam Vanderwal
Cally Spangler
Erica Patulny
Ellis Swinbourne

Ellis Swinbourne
Tom Roberts
Josh Oxley 
Patrick Noble



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