The Lala Road

Young Chinese lesbians make their way along a difficult path, rejecting traditional ideas about marriage and family to be with the women they love.

DURATION:  10 mins
YEAR: 2012

Chinese women face intense pressure to marry before they are too old.   Not to marry and not to bear children is to disrespect family.  The stakes are especially high for Cain, Zhang Linlin, Baozi and Ruyi.  They are lalas, women who love women.  They want to love who they choose and to be loved for who they are.  To be true to their families, their culture and to themselves, they must find a new way. It’s a road that may take them far from China.


The Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Melbourne, March 2013
Shorts Film Festival (Top 20), Adelaide, May 2013
St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, May 2013
Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, India, May 2013
Out Takes 2013, Auckland & Wellington New Zealand, June 2013
Frameline 37 - San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, USA, June 2013
Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Canada, August 2013 
Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Victoria, August 2013
Isle Of Wight Film Festival, Human Rights Shorts Program, Isle Of Wight, August 2013
Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay film festival, Hong Kong, September 2013
Antenna Documentary Film Festival, Sydney, October 2013
Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, USA, October 2013
Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival, France, October 2013
London Feminist Film Festival, UK, November 2013
Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival, Tasmania, November 2013
Brisbane International Film Festival, November 2013
London Lift-Off Festival, UK, November 2013
Zinegoak 2014, Spain, January 2014
Finalist - My Queer Career - Sydney's Mardi Gras Film Festival, Feb 2013
Centre for Asian American Media Fest 2014, USA, March 2014
Brisbane Queer Film Festival, March 2014 - Winner of Best Director Queer Aussie Shorts
London Lesbian Film Festival, Canada, April 2014
Pink Apple Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Zurich, Switzerland May 2014
Immaginaria - International Women's Film Festival Rome, May 2014, Milan Oct 2014
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, USA, August 2014
SAGA International Women's Film Festival Stockholm, August 2014
Taiwan International Queer Film Festival September 2014
Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona November 2014
Tasmania Short Film Program, TMAG - March 2017


Cain, Zhang Linlin, Baozi and Ruyi

Editor and Effects Designer - Daryl Davies
Sound Editor & Colour Grader – Mike Gissing
Camera – Francesca Jago, Letitia Lamb, Rob Harrison, and Thomas Waugh
Translator – Ge Lei, Xia Qin, Helen Haijuan Han, Stephanie and Cain
China Production Assistant  – Ge Lei
Still Photographer – Rob Harrison, and Francesca Jago
Music – Ember Swift

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