The Gardener

A ten year old boy suffering from insomnia escapes his cold and emotionless family home late at night, stumbling across a kindred spirit in an old lady who tends to her flowers while the rest of the world sleeps.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Jasmine Cameron
PRODUCERS: Nathan Spencer & Shaun Wilson
DURATION: 9 mins 57 secs
YEAR: 2009

Dhani, a ten year old boy, has been driven to insomnia by his mother – an overbearing, emotionally distant perfectionist. He escapes one night to the empty streets, and stumbles across an old lady tending to her garden at an odd hour. As he watches her work over a series of nights, the two develop a silent bond, both finding comfort in their private night time world. But Dhani’s daytime world is only getting harder, and the old lady’s health is deteriorating.


TASshorts on Screen - (Apr/May 2015) - State Cinema Hobart, Wynyard Wharf Hotel Theatre and Deloraine Little Theatre

Max McLaughlin – Dhani
Susan Nahodil – Old Lady
Sara Cooper – Mother
Nathan Spencer - Father
Leuke Marriott - Brother

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Beverley Jefferson
First Assistant Director - Shaun Wilson
Editor - Tom Waugh
DOP - Tom Waugh
Camera Assistant - Leuke Marriott
Gaffer - Peter Curtis
Best Boy - Dave Harcourt 
Production Designer - Cassandra Kiss
Makeup - Kate Vince
Hair - Kristie Graham
Sound - Kate Mudge
Continuity - Victor Kalka
Runner - Lynden Morely & Christopher Allie
Composer - Heath Brown
Sound Editor - Mike Gissing


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