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Wide Angle Tasmania is calling out for community involvement to share their stories that will connect Tasmanians and improve community resilience. It’s important to check you have the consent to share the names and images of others. In making a submission you agree you have consent from others to use their names, image and recordings. You can find a basic video consent form template in the help sheets section of our website.

If approved, your submission may feature on the Wide Angle Tasmania Inc. GRIT gallery, in Wide Angle Tasmania social media platforms, associated GRIT project social media platforms, and it may be seen and shared in third party public social media platforms. Your submission may be used to promote Wide Angle Tasmania or the GRIT project in publicity.

If your submission has been created through your activities within an organisation you might see it in their communications on social media, websites, newsletters and annual reports.

You might also see your text story, images and videos appear at community film screening and events in the form of printed banners, posters, flyers, and invitations. They may appear in curriculum materials which are designed by Wide Angle Tasmania to be used for education and marketing.

If your story appears on the GRIT gallery you have the option to ‘opt out’ by contacting Wide Angle Tasmania by phone: (03) 6223 8344 or email: [email protected]

Wide Angle Tasmania does not have to publish or use any submissions and we have the option to remove submissions at any time from the GRIT Gallery.

When you submit an image, text or video you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of woobox (who host the GRIT Gallery) and Wide Angle's website.  You can click through and read more about these policies:

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