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Wide Angle Tasmania offers a 30% discount to all current financial members.

Length of Hire:

24 Hour: Pick up between 10am and 4:00pm, return at the same time the following day (only available Mon - Thurs)

Weekend: Pick up between 10am and 4:00pm Friday, return at 10am Monday morning.

Week: Pick up between 10am and 4:00pm Mon - Fri, return at 10am one week later. Longer hires (eg. Monthly) can be easily negotiated.

You will be required to sign a contract with the following terms and conditions;

Rental Period: The rental period shall be from the date borrowed to the date returned as specified above or if repossessed by Wide Angle Tasmania (forewith known as Wide Angle). Equipment shall be returned only on weekdays at the time determined by Wide Angle at the time of booking. EQUIPMENT NOT RETURNED BY THE SPECIFIED TIME ON THE RETURN DATE OF THE RENTAL PERIOD WILL INCUR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE OF THE DAY RATE FOR THAT EQUIPMENT OR 50% OF LOST REVENUE IF A SUBSEQUENT HIRE IS NOT ABLE TO GO AHEAD DUE TO LATE RETURN OF EQUIPMENT, (unless otherwise negotiated with Wide Angle staff prior to the late return of equipment). Wide Angle may terminate the rental period after receiving information satisfactory to Wide Angle as to the theft, misuse, destruction or damage of
equipment or facilities.

Payment: Clients will be invoiced prior to, or at time of collection of gear.   All prices quoted are GST inclusive.  ALL RENTALS MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL AT TIME OF COLLECTION OF EQUIPMENT OR PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE HIRE UNLESS PRIOR ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE WITH Wide Angle.

Cancellation of booked equipment: A cancellation fee of 50% of the hire charge will be incurred by the hirer if less than 24 hours notice is given for a cancelled booking.

Offer: The hirer by his or her signature, offers to hire the equipment from Wide Angle for the rental period under these terms and conditions, acknowledges receipt of the equipment and agrees to pay the total hire fee to Wide Angle, including any bond required. The hirer acknowledges that the equipment will not be used in water, or in aeroplanes, or in any wet or dusty environment.

Indemnity:  The hirer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Wide Angle, its officers, servants and agents against all claims, demands for injury, loss or damage, sustained by any person as a result of, or arising out of, the use of equipment and/or hirer or his/her agents during the hire period.

Identification: Drivers License with current address or Australian passport is required for all hires.  A credit card is also required to be presented.

Insurance and Repairs: Insurance for use within Australia is included in the price of hiring equipment from Wide Angle Tasmania, however the hirer is still liable to pay the excess of any insurance claim arising from their hire of equipment.  The hirer is responsible for payment of any lost or broken parts of equipment valued under $250.  Wide Angle equipment is not covered by insurance if taken outside of Australia, therefore the hirer must not take equipment outside of Australia, unless they have discussed it with the General Manager and can provide Wide Angle with written proof that they have taken out their own insurance of Wide Angle’s equipment at the time of collection of gear.   The excess payable is $250 per item hired. This insurance DOES NOT cover negligent use of the equipment; the use in water or in aeroplanes; or water damage resulting from outdoor usage.  The hirer is fully liable for damage and repairs up to the full value of the item in these cases. 

Hirer’s Covenants: It is the responsibility of the hirer:
• to check, in ample time, the completeness and correct functioning of equipment before removal from Wide Angle. The hirer shall note any damage or defect prior to the commencement of the hire period and advise Wide Angle prior to removal of the equipment and shall also report any damage or loss upon return of the equipment.  
• not to sell, transfer or sub-let its rights under this agreement or pledge, mortgage or encumber the equipment or its rights hereunder or submit the rented equipment to any charge or encumbrance.  
• not to take the equipment outside of Australia, unless with prior arrangement with Wide Angle nor to post or transport the equipment unless authorised by Wide Angle.  
• to compensate Wide Angle for any loss which it may suffer as a result of cancellation or variation of any rental agreement for equipment.  

Right to Repossess: Wide Angle may repossess or demand the return of equipment before the completion of the period of hire if the hirer breaches any term or condition hereof. Breaches of these terms and condition, misuse of equipment, edit suites, non-payment of hire fees or extra charges or loss of Wide Angle keys may result in the hirer being denied any future hire. The Manager reserves the right to assess each hire and vary these conditions as required.

Security:  At the time of hire the hirer will be required to provide their credit card details.  The credit card will be charged up to the insurance excess of $250 in the event that the hirer fails to return the gear in the same condition it was taken and WAT needs to repair or replace items.

Courier:  Our Offices are based in Hobart, however we can courier our equipment to most locations outside Southern Tasmania.  For members, this service is free for one parcel per $75 value of hire (within the State using our usual courier company).

For bookings and further information regarding equipment hire, contact us on 6223 8344, email info@wideangle.org.au or call into our office between the hours 10-4 Monday - Friday. Wide Angle Tasmania: 6 Washington Street, South Hobart.

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