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Terms and Conditions of Equipment Hire

1. Hire Length

  •  24 hours: Pick up between 10am and 4pm and return at the same time the next day (only available Monday – Thursday) 
  • Weekend: Pick up between 10am and 4pm Friday, return at 10am Monday morning
  • Week: Pick up between 10am and 4pm Mon - Fri, return at 10am one week later. 
  • Longer hires (eg. Monthly) can be easily negotiated.

2. Hire Charges

  • Cost of hire must be paid in full before equipment is removed from WAT office.
  • WAT may charge you extra fees in some situations such as late returns equipment damage (see Extra Fees)
  • The hire charge includes insurance cover on the equipment during the hire

3. Equipment Condition

     Before collecting the equipment, you must:

  • check that the equipment fits your needs, is complete and in good working condition
  • write any damage or defect on the checklist before taking the equipment from the WAT office. 
  • check that the equipment will work with any other software or equipment that you will use
  • know how to operate the equipment
  • While the equipment is in your care, you must
  • make sure that it is only used by people who have the experience and skill to use it in a safe and correct way.
  • care for and keep the equipment safe
  • return it in the same condition as when collected (see Extra Fees

4. Extra Fees

WAT may charge the following      amount:

      If you

  • 50% of the invoice
  • cancel the booking less than 24 hours before collection time
  • 24-hour hire fee for each day or part-day you are late
  • return the equipment after the agreed return date and time
  • 10% of the hire cost
  • return equipment that is improperly packed or soiled 
  • Cost of equipment replacement or repair
  • the equipment is stolen, used incorrectly, used in water, used in aircraft or drones, damaged by water from outdoor use, or used outside of Australia

5. Insurance

  • Insurance covers accidental damage to the equipment.
  • WAT’s insurance of equipment Insurance does not cover:
    • theft
    • incorrect use
    • use in water
    • use in aircraft or drones
    • water damage from outdoor use
    • use outside Australia
  • If WAT’s insurance covers the damage or loss of equipment that you hired, you must pay the policy excess of $250 plus an administration fee of $200. 

6. General Conditions

  • You must collect and return the equipment from the WAT office.
  • The equipment remains the property of WAT
  • You must not sell, transfer or sub-let the equipment
  • You must not take the equipment outside of Australia
  • WAT may repossess or demand the return of equipment before the completion of the period of hire if you break any of the terms of this agreement
  • You must indemnify and keep indemnified WAT, its officers, servants and agents against all claims, demands for injury, loss or damage, sustained by any person because of, or arising out of the use of equipment during the hire period.

7. Courier

  • We can courier equipment to most locations outside Southern Tasmania 
  • For WAT members this is free for one parcel per $75 value of hire 
  • Courier must be booked at least 48 hours before the equipment is needed
  • You will not pay for the time the equipment is travelling

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