TASshorts on SCREEN

Wide Angle Tasmania is celebrating 10 years of supporting screen culture in Tasmania by showcasing the very finest short films produced in our State during the past decade.  During 2015, TASshorts on SCREEN will tour the state, introducing new audiences to the remarkable talent of Tasmanian creatives, crew and cast. 

Launched April 15 at a reception at Government House.


Screening at BOFA, Launceston, 3pm, Sunday November 8, 2015.  Book tickets here
Season at the State Cinema, Hobart April 18,19, 20.
Friday May 22 - Wynyard Wharf Hotel, supported by the Lighthouse Film Society
Saturday May 23 - Deloraine Little Theatre, supported by Studio Be

The screening programme includes:

The Jelly Wrestler 
The Jelly Wrestler: the ultimate story about aging, redemption, and ... chicks in jelly.

Director: Rebecca Thomson Writer: Claire d’Este Producer: Rogan Brown & Rebecca Thomson.
Year: 2013 Running Time: 14.40 min

Above It All  

A girl up a tree won’t come down until she gets 100,000 likes.
Writer, Director & Producer: David Pyefinch
Year: 2013 Running Time: 3 min


Hormones: The Musical 
When it’s that time of the month and Mum is possessed by monstrous hormones, Dad must deploy every strategic maneuver to save his family from destruction.
Writer/Director: Meg Bignell Producer: Dominique Hurley 
Year: 2013 Running Time: 6.57 min

Dish Communication  

At a remote radio dish, Professor Quintaine searches for signals from outer space while Rose the cleaner searches for signals from Professor Quintaine.
Director: Shaun Wilson Writer: Tim Logan Producer: Nathan Spencer
Year: 2009 Running Time: 6.27 min

Slick Timing  

Lives will be lost if the timing adjusters can’t learn to work together
Writer/Director: Astrid Wells Cooper Producers: Dave Flower & Rose Schramm
Year: 2014 Running Time: 6.18 min

Confessions of a Date-aholic 

Mish is a self-confessed date-aholic.  After hundreds of dates, Mish opens up her ‘little blackbook’.
Director: Rob Harrision Writers: Rob Harrision & Dave Flower Producer: Dave Flower
Year: 2013 Running Time: 5.03 min



Three school boys teach the new guy about the most important things in life... 
checking out girls.

Writer, Director & Producer: Adam Ransley
Year: 2011 Running Time: 9.51 min

The Reluctant Dad 
She wants kids.  He won’t budge.  How’s he going to talk her out of it?
Writer/Director:/Producer: Shaun Wilson
Year: 2013 Running Time: 3.19 min


Coming out of the Church: A story of identity
Writer/Director: Cathy Allen Producers: Aaron Luke Wilson & Cathy Allen 
Year: 2014 Running Time: 5.47 min


The Silence of Whitewater  

The story of a clown, seeking happiness in a cruel, unwelcome world.
Writer, Director & Producer: Daniel James
Year: 2011 Running Time: 5.36 min


The Gardener  

A ten year old boy suffering from insomnia escapes his cold and emotionless family home late at night, stumbling across a kindred spirit in an old lady who tends to her flowers while the rest of the world sleeps.
Writer/Director: Jasmine Cameron Producers: Nathan Spencer & Shaun Wilson
Year: 2009 Running Time: 9.58 min

Wing and a Prayer  

When a Minister of God is given five minutes alone in a secret room to interrogate a captive, things shift into a test of faith when the prisoner turns out to be an angel.
Director: Daniel James Writer: Adam Ransley Producer: Matt Weeding
Year: 2013 Running Time: 7 min

Angel Cake 
A comedy set at a country cake drive.
Director:  Matthew Rooke Writer: Meg Bignell Producer: Dominique Hurley & Rogan Brown
Year: 2013 Running Time: 6.46 min


Worlds will collide when Renata and Frieda’s erotic fantasies cross the digital frontier.
Director: Rebecca Thomson Writer: Claire d’Este Producer: Rogan Brown
Year: 2011 Running Time: 11.08 min

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