Tasploitation 2017


The competition and screening was jointly presented this year by Stranger With My Face International Film Festival and Wide Angle Tasmania. The Tasploitation Challenge is a competition in which registered teams make a short film – including writing, shooting, editing and scoring – over a 48-hour period. The competition is open to both amateur and professionals, with prizes to be awarded recognising strengths from technical skills to storytelling to the originality of concept.

The competition ran from 7PM Friday April 7 until 7PM Sunday April 9, 2017. Twenty-two short films were screened at the Stanley Burbury Theatre at UTAS 13 April.

Thank you to our judges Shaun Wilson, Helen Shield, Dick Marks, Catherine Pettman, Heath Brown and Sandi Sissel as well as Stranger With My Face’s Briony Kidd. We also want to thank Richard Sprent & Cracked and Spineless New and Used Books, Sara Cooper of COOPER SCREEN ACADEMY & Monster Fest 2017 for sponsoring the event and providing prizes!


Check out the Films

Whoever Knocks made by ACUTE Productions


Lady of the Night made by Toothless Tiger


Honour made by Schwein


Good Morning made by Decomposers

Winners of the Barbara Creed Award (for a film that reflects on gender issues in a thoughtful or clever way)


The Fate of the Curious made by Nesian Bae


Heads/Tails made by Macca's Nightmare


Tea with Suzy made by Bandeds


Apple Isle made by Schichi Nin


Bad Shape made by Special Patrol Group


Reflected Fears made by HP Studios

Winners of the Next Generation Award (for an outstanding film made by a team which includes an under 16 year old filmmaker working in a key role)


The Faerie Tree made by Derek Disaster Squad

Winners of the Tasmaniana Award  (for a film that incorporates a specifically Tasmanian aspect in the most original or interesting way)


The One with the Satanic Slasher made by Sarge's Dablords


Nuncursion II: And Then There Were Nun (The Nunnering) made by TimeBois

Winners of the Audience Choice Award  and Jury Award for Best Film


Eat/en made by The Tropes


Art Therapy by Strange Mothers

Jane-Hamilton Foster winner of the Cooper Screen Academy Best Actor Award


Killer's Block made by The Director Productions


Henry's Date made by Pretzel Productions


Baby Steps made by Madi's Mayhem


B-Side made by Echidna


Thank you to all the entries for your amazing films.

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