Tasmanian collection - film archive

Wide Angle Tasmania has an extensive archive of films that have been produced in Tasmania over the last twenty years (with over 400 films on DVD in the library).  Our most recent project is to digitise the collection to archive, preserve and allow the films to be viewed at the Wide Angle Screen Centre.

We invite you to be part of this project and submit a digital version of the film that you own the copyright in to the collection.  You can do this by completing the google form here - or get in touch with us by email/call 6223 8344 or 0478 150 206.

Here is a list of the films currently available in the digital archive for viewing:

Film Title Year of Production Producer Director Wide Angle initiative
The Devil You Know 2019 Cathy Allen Ben Morton End Game
Instadate 2019 Lauren Watson Lauren Watson End Game
The Quiet Boy 2019 Ellis Swinbourne Ellis Swinbourne End Game
Wonderfluous 2019 Oliver Potter Oliver Potter End Game
Paddy 2019 Rosemary Cann Rosemary Cann End Game
Squash Promotional Video 2019 Tom Roberts Tom Roberts End Game
Clockumentary 2019 Ursula Woods Ursula Woods Nerve 2019
RED 2019   Jeff Kirkland Nerve 2019
Shake and Dance 2019 Phoenix Rain Sam Tooker Nerve 2019
Karen 2018 George Underwood George Underwood Nerve 2018
Little Beauty 2018 Mick Lowenstein & Tracey Cosgrove Mick Lowenstein Nerve 2018
Printed in Ink 2018 Patrick Foster Victoria Bremner Nerve 2018
The Radiophonic Artist - Women of the Island 2017   Rebecca Thomson Step-Out Web 17
A Farmer's Daughter - Women of the Island 2017   Lara Van Raay Step-Out Web 17
Protector and Defender - Madeline Wells: Women of  The Island 2017   Ninna Millikin Step-Out Web 17
The Garden 2016 Craige Langworthy Craige Langworthy Audacity
Blood of Life 2016 Troy Melville, Jim Everett Troy Melville Audacity
Source 'Our Co-op' 2016 Mark Thomson Carly Rusden RED Flag
The Good Room 2016 Rogan Brown Jane Howard RED Flag
The Conquest of Emmie 2016 Paul Moran Pauline Marsh RED Flag
The Calling Hours 2016 Shaun Wilson & Sara Brown Shaun Wilson Audacity
Waiting for Angel 2015 Andy Del Vecchio Elli Iliades Raw Nerve
Love Train 2015 Emma Wilson Mike Wedderburn Raw Nerve
Coffeehead 2015 Rebecca Thomson Trent Baumann Raw Nerve
Slick Timing 2014 Dave Flower & Rose Schramm Astrid Cooper Raw Nerve
Titan 2014 Nick Falk Carmen Falk Raw Nerve
Matthew 2014 Aaron Luke Wilson Cathy Allen Raw Nerve
Blue Shirt, Green Tie 2013 Carolyn Frichot Darren Swanson Raw Nerve
Hormones: The Musical 2013 Dominique Hurley Meg Bignell Raw Nerve
Confessions of a Date-A-Holic 2013 Dave Flower Rob Harrison Raw Nerve
Knit One 2012 Clare Gray & Shaun Wilson Clare Gray Raw Nerve
Little Lamb 2012 Heidi Douglas Heidi Douglas Raw Nerve
The Lala Road 2012 Letitia Lamb Letitia Lamb Raw Nerve
Dibs 2011 Adam Ransley Adam Ransley Raw Nerve
Piercing Silence 2011 Ninna Millikin Ninna Millikin Raw Nerve
Showing The Ropes 2011 Rogan Brown David Pyefinch Raw Nerve
Slashed 2010 Rogan Brown Rebecca Thomson Raw Nerve
Thicker than Water 2010 Daniel Speed, Carolyn Frichot & Dominique Hurley Daniel Speed Raw Nerve
Exit, Pursued by a Bear 2010 Daniel Weavell Sara Pensalfini Brown Raw Nerve
The Tin Man 2009 Carolyn Frichot Bernard Lloyd Raw Nerve
The Gardener 2009 Nathan Spencer & Shaun Wilson Jasmine Cameron Raw Nerve
Water A Poem 2009 Dominique Hurley Justus Neumann and Andrew Del Vecchio Raw Nerve
Daughter of San Domenico 2009 Ra’uf Lucien Simon Marisa Mastrocola Raw Nerve
Help Wanted 2008 Dan Weavell Dan Weavell Raw Nerve
Henry Finn 2008 Nathan Spencer Shaun Wilson Raw Nerve
Iron Will 2008 Vivien Mason Vivien Mason Raw Nerve
Next of Kin 2008 Rose Schramm Rose Schramm Raw Nerve






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