Tasmanian composer’s award triumph

Tasmanian Composer, Heath Brown, has won the award for Best Original Score in the Maverick Movie Awards 2012 in recognition of his work on the Australian Sci-Fi feature film, 41 (directed by Melbourne Filmmaker, Glenn Triggs).  41 was first screened at the Las Vegas Film Festival where it won a Golden Ace Award and has been submitted for inclusion in a number of upcoming Australian film festivals. For more information about 41, go to: http://41film.com/index.html.

Heath is a graduate of the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music where he majored in Composition. He now specializes in music for film and media. Heath has worked on a number of short films and 41 is his second feature. Heath’s next project is the upcoming Breeding in Captivity (directed by Lucien Simon), which is currently shooting in various Hobart locations. For a full list of Heath’s credits, go to: http://www.heathbrown.com.au/biocreds.htm.

The Maverick Movie Awards is a highly respected, American organisation made up of anonymous Hollywood “insiders and outsiders” that exists to recognize “good movies”, regardless of the origins of the film. “The Maverick Movie Awards exists to honor all facets of moviemaking form, function, style, and craft. A level playing-field where a movie’s lack or excess of a budget is immaterial, its absence or abundance of star power is inconsequential, and its humble or lofty origins are irrelevant, any and all independent, underground, student, and studio films are eligible to receive a Maverick Award.” Previous winners from the Best Original Score category include Philip Glass and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. For more information on the awards, go to: http://www.maverickmovieawards.com/index.htm.

"It's a level playing field at the MMA," says Director, Michael Kenneth. "A standard we defined awhile back is, 'If you want to beat Philip Glass, write a better score than Philip Glass.' He won Best Score that year but what this proves is that when our committees award an up-and-comer, they've definitely earned it"