TasDOCS Initiative

TasDOCS – produce a short (2-5 minute) documentary in two months.      

Download the guidelines and registration form here (pdf)
Download the guidelines and registration form here (word)
Registrations close July 11  

Download the U25 TasDOCS Scholarship application here (pdf)
Download the U25 TasDOCS Scholarship application here (word)
Applications for the scholarships close June 24

Run over two months, TasDOCS is a combination of practical workshops, resources to produce your film and feedback to strengthen your storytelling.  Designed to build on your existing technical skills, TasDOCS explores ways to strengthen your visual storytelling to create a film that speaks to an audience.

Documentary director Troy Melville will deliver the TasDOCS programme over two months.  The programme includes:

  • Six half day workshops that develop your skills in visual storytelling and strengthen your story ideas
  • Access to production equipment and facilities to shoot your film to the value of $750
  • Opportunities to network with filmmakers and watch bold and compelling short documentaries
  • The chance to pitch your project for additional support through NERVE 2019 DOCS
  • Feedback on the rough cut of your film
  • A public screening to celebrate your work and share with your crew, participants and friends

You will come to TasDOCS with a strong story concept for your short documentary – you know the world, location, character/s or subject/s and what’s driving the story.  You will complete TasDOCS with a short film that you can use to promote your cause, use as a calling card or maybe enter in festivals. 

Who should enrol?

TasDOCS is designed for

  • Filmmakers seeking to hone their documentary skills
  • production staff and multi-media producers who create content for their workplace
  • journalists and media students

If you’re planning on working solo on the film, then you will come to the workshop with;

  • The skills to shoot overlay and an interview (even if it’s on your phone)
  • The ability to handle a basic edit.

If you plan on using a camera operator and/or editor to assist you with the film, we recommend you have their interest confirmed when you enrol.

About the presenter Troy Melville

With 20 years of filming experience, Troy has produced, directed and shot documentaries for broadcast TV in Australia and overseas. He has also produced a number of short factual and art films that have been shown in festivals, in art exhibitions and installations, on social media and on TV. 

Enrol by July 11

When: Workshops start July 13 & 14 and the finished films screen Sept 20.
Where: Wide Angle @ 6 Washington St, South Hobart
Cost: $550 WAT Members, $880 non-members
Scholarships: Available for three people aged 25 or under - download application here
Download the registration form and return to [email protected] by July 11.
Payment can be made by purchasing a 'ticket' below or by payment through the Wide Angle office.

What does the initiative include?

The workshops are a mix of presentation, demonstration, practical exercises, group discussion, feedback on your project and follow-up resources.  Beyond the scheduled workshops, it will be up to you to put in the hours required for planning, shooting and editing your film. 

Key Dates for TasDOCS

Activity/Event Date
Applications open June 1
Scholarship for TasDOCS U25 places close 4pm June 24, 2019

Documentary showcase and info session

6.30pm – 8.30pm Fri July 5
Enrolments close July 11
Documentary Workflow workshop 10am – 1pm, Sat Jul 13
Documentary Visuals workshop 2 - 5pm, Sat July 13
Documentary Sound workshop 10am - 1pm, Sun July 14
Documentary Interviews workshop 2 - 5pm, Sun July 14
Story Feedback workshop Sat July 20 (9am – 12noon) OR Sat July 20 (1pm – 4pm)
Shoot your film July 21 - Aug 13
Documentary Edit workshop 6 - 8pm, Wed Aug 14
Edit your film Aug 15 - Sept 15
Rough cut viewing & feedback session 6 - 8pm, Wed Aug 28
Deliver your film  Sept 16
Premiere Screening 6 – 7.30pm, Friday Sept 20

Documentary Showcase and Info session: 6.30pm July 5
Presenter Troy Melville will screen a series of bold and compelling short documentaries.  This introductory session explores the variety of story and stylistic devices that documentarians use.  It will challenge you to imagine your story beyond simple interview and overlay.

Troy Melville and Abi Binnning (Wide Angle Tasmania’s Executive Director) will provide a run down of the TasDOCS initiative and Nerve 2019 Docs initiative and address any of your questions.

Documentary Workflow: 10am – 1pm, Sat Jul 13
Before you pick up a camera, you need to plan your workflow.  There are technical decisions around camera choice, audio recording, lighting and editing systems that can make (or break) your project.  This workshop helps you to create a smooth pathway for production that best suits the style of your film.  This practical workshop will also alert you to the different permissions that you will need to obtain to screen your final film – and make sure you are tooled up to effectively manage your production from the start. 

Documentary Visuals: 2 - 5pm, Sat July 13
The visual style of your documentary can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.  This workshop explores how to film and find footage that supports your story vision.  You’ll explore:

  • techniques for shooting master interviews and overlay
  • Constructed versus observational approaches to filming
  • Sourcing and using using archival footage and images

Documentary Sound: 10am - 1pm, Sun July 14

The soundscape of your film can include interviews, dialogue, narration, music, sound effects and ambient sound.  This practical workshop will demonstrate audio recording techniques to capture clear audio from interviews and overlay using radio mics and boom mics.  During the session you’ll learn about sourcing and using music and sound effects to create a plan for your film’s soundscape.

Documentary Interviews: 2 - 5pm, Sun July 14

A master interview is often the bedrock of your story – and filming a great interview takes planning. This workshop focuses on:

  • how to work with your subject to film an authentic interview that works in the edit
  • Planning interview questions that elicit the story
  • Choosing your location and managing the shoot to get an interview that looks and sounds great

Story Feedback: Sat July 20 (9am – 12noon) OR Sat July 20 (1pm – 4pm)

This workshop is designed to provide feeback about your story and style before you start filming.  You will discuss your ideas and receive feedback designed to strengthen your documentary proposal.  With a focus on story and style, you will be part of a dynamic group of filmmakers all working towards planning films that are bold and compelling. 

Documentary Edit: 6 - 8pm, Wed Aug 14

With the shoot finished and your footage and sound collected, you’re ready to start the edit.  A successful edit requires solid planning – for building your story and managing your media.  This session will introduce you to techniques for planning your story arc and you’ll observe the process of setting up a project within Final Cut X.

Rough cut viewing & feedback session: 6 - 8pm, Wed Aug 28

Join us in the Wide Angle Cinema to share your rough cut and receive feedback to strengthen the story you are working on.

Premiere Screening: 6 – 7.30pm, Friday Sept 20 

Invite your documentary subject, your colleagues, friends and family to watch the films produced during TasDOCS at the premiere screening of the films.

Can I use WAT equipment for free?

Wide Angle’s professional cameras, lights and sound recording equipment are available for those enrolled in TasDOCS to use during the shoot period to a commercial hire value of $750 (that will be enough for two-three days of filming). You’ll need to book in the equipment through Wide Angle so we can make sure it’s available, agree to our usual terms and conditions of hire and acknowledge Wide Angle’s support in the end credits of your film.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

Yes – if you are 25 years or under at the time of registration.   Three fee free scholarships are available. To apply, please complete the TasDOCS Scholarship application form and return by 4pm June 24, 2019
“This Youth Arts Project was assisted through Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.”

Can I enrol and also apply for NERVE 2019 DOCS?

Yes – we have designed this course so that it prepares you to pitch for NERVE 2019 DOCS if you are keen.  If you pitch and are selected for NERVE then you can compete the workshops for TasDOCS, but your production will be completed under the schedule and terms and conditions of NERVE 2019 DOCS.  Get in touch so that we can talk you through the pathway. 

I have more questions!

Excellent – here’s how you get some answers:
1.  Come to the Documentary Showcase and info session
2.  Post a question in the facebook event
3.  Call us on 6223 8344

July 11, 2019 at 12:00pm - September 09, 2019
Wide Angle Tasmania
Abi Binning · · 6223 8344

Will you come?

$880.00 TasDOCS initiative - non member
includes gst
$550.00 TasDOCS initiative - WAT member
Available to current financial WAT members

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