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Screenwriting and Film Story Development – how can I get help? 

Some filmmakers are new and starting out – and others are very experienced – but all filmmakers have fresh stories that they plan to turn into films. Any Wide Angle member, new or experienced, can use our free Story Consultation Service to help develop your personal film project.

The Story Consultation service starts with a one-on-one meeting (at the Wide Angle Office or by phone) with Robert Watson, an ex-studio creative executive who advised on developing screenplays performed by Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, Judi Dench, Matt Damon and so on. Robert Watson has worked with writers of diverse ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds and genres.

This meeting is an ideal time to discuss your idea, receive some advice and work out whether you are ready for regular mentorship to develop your film project.

To access this free service for Wide Angle members, just give us a call on 6223 8344 or send us an email telling us that you are interested... and an idea of days and times that you are available to book a session.  

After the initial meeting, some Wide Angle members are mentored by Robert over a longer period of time to develop diverse projects. Some projects are starting out and others are already very developed. Both kinds can benefit from story mentoring. Members' projects cover a wide range of stories, from true-life to many kinds of fiction.  Many kinds of format are mentored such as:

  • short film scripts
  • television series
  • feature movies
  • miniseries. 

Your project starts with an idea. Even at idea stage, it is never too early to seek advice on developing the idea. If you want help learning how to write a screenplay, this is for you. Or you may be a film professional with your draft screenplay and you are seeking confidential help to improve the draft.

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Recipients of Mentorship


  • Sarah Ackerley
  • Jacob Collings
  • Alison Stanton-Cook


“Working with Robert Watson and Wide Angle Tasmania has not only been helpful and a guidance to me when creating a 6 part mini series, but also lots of fun. They have giving me guidance going forward, and I set my eyes towards the future, with ambition and excitement having WAT by my side.” Lachlan Thomas, August 2021

“During my mentorship with Robert Watson I was participating in Endgame Round 7. My goal for Endgame was to write a feature film script called “The Golden Age”. The film was a Greco-Roman Fantasy and Christian allegory which dealt with topics such as hierarchy, mythology and self-sacrifice.  Robert helped me with the big print. As I would write things which could not be physically seen on screen and instead only felt, and Robert told me that’s not industry standard.  One problem I also had was writing down shots in the script which is also frown upon within industry. So I was a little bit annoyed that I couldn’t properly convey the story which I wanted to be told.  Robert gave certain strategies to overcome these barriers. Overall my experience was a positive one. And I’m very grateful to both Robert and Wide Angle for giving me this opportunity to learn and further develop my skill set.” Patrick Noble, August 2021

“Robert was very supportive and had a wealth of knowledge.  He was easy to work with and helped me clarify my ideas.” Frank Formby, July 2021 

"Joining the Wide Angle Tasmanian script mentorship program has been a great way for me to get my work read by the eyes of a professional. Robert Watson is a truly passionate and experienced screenwriter himself, and to have his advice, criticism and knowledge involved in the process of the development of my screenplay has been an honour. I’ve been able to tell my planned story and to get it critiqued with the hope of then getting the script produced, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to get that done." Lachlan Thomas, June 2021

I really appreciated the time that Robert put in with me to get the best outcome for the outline for my feature film. He not only helped me with the story flow, technical issues but he also helped me deal with the self-doubt that consumed me and made me believe in myself. I look forward to working with Robert on completing the next stage in my mentorship.” Sarah Ackerley May 2021

"Robert, with his knowledge, experience and seemingly endless stories of the writing and entertainment world, guided me from being an unconfident, inexperienced actor with an idea to a confident new writer with all the tools to continue writing this beast of a screenplay". Caitlin Berwick, May 2021





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