Specialist Advice

Our staff are always happy to provide free advice on general questions about filmmaking. We take email and phone questions and you can book an appointment to come in and have a chat with our staff about your ideas or latest project.

For tailored creative and technical advice from screen industry professionals, WAT is pleased to offer you...


Do you have an idea for a project, but you’re not sure what to do next?
Do you need some advice about the best equipment to use, and how to use it?
Are you thinking of applying for development or production funding, but you’re not sure who you should approach?

Under the fee based Specialist Advice Service (SAS), WAT members can access Industry Professionals who can advise you in:
* funding and industry advice
* script development
* all aspects of production
* commercialisation and marketing for all types of projects,
* film and video technical consultations
* and more!

This important program has been developed for emerging filmmakers and screen practitioners, industry newcomers and professionals who require assistance in various production areas.

We have created a list of advisors who can be called upon to provide valuable advice. Production houses, government film bodies, etc. are often approached by industry newcomers for advice and direction but rarely have the facilities or the time to provide such a varied range of assistance. With access to a varied group of industry professionals WAT is now in a position to provide a service that fills this gap and is not available anywhere else in Tasmania.


General Consultations are: $75 for 1 hour with an Industry Professional, either face to face or by phone.  Technical advise is available on a half hour basis at a cost of $35.

If you would like feedback on a script, funding application or rough cut of your film, there is also a reading/ viewing time fee on top of the 1hr consultation fee.

Script or Document Reading/Viewing fees:
1 – 15 pages or mins (short script): $25
15 – 30 pages or mins (half hour TV): $35
30 – 50 pages or mins (1 hour TV): $45
50 – 85 pages or mins: $55
85 – 110 pages or mins (features): $80
We do not offer consultations for scripts or documents over 110 pages.


1. You must be a Wide Angle financial member - refer to our join page for details
2. Complete the 1 HOUR SAS Application Form 2013.doc or Half Hour Tech SAS Application Form .doc
3. Email, post or hand deliver your form to the Wide Angle Office – Space 123 Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart 7004

We will contact you once we have received your form to clarify details, and then contact you to suggest an advisor specific to your needs within 5 working days of speaking to you. Once an advisor match has been made, we will organise a meeting for you.

Please Note: Wide Angle reserves the right to request, if deemed necessary, that a client do more work on their ideas, proposal or script before they meet with their chosen advisor. Also, while we will do everything we can to organise a consultation with an appropriate advisor, it is possible that there may be no-one available or suitable for your patricular project.


Daniel Broun – Editing and Technical Advice
Mark Buys – Sound Track and Scoring Advice
Peter Crocker – Sound Recording in the Field Advice
Heidi Douglas – Editing Advice
Di Drew – Directing, Script writing and Performance Advice
Tim Ferguson – Comedy Writing and Producing
Graham Gates – Technical Advice
Michael Gissing –  Editing, Sound Mixing & Colour Grades
David Gurney – Animation, Cross-platform & Pitching
Peter Harmsen – Lighting and Camera Advice
John Honey – Script Development & Directing Advice
Terry Lee – Aviation Filming Advice
Rachael Lucas – Low Budget Film-making
Polly McGee – Commercialisation & Script Editing
Dick Marks OAM – Directing, Art Directing, Lighting, Pitching and Camera Advice
Troy Melville - Documentary Production
Bruce Moyle – Podcasting and Vodcasting Advice
Andrew Nash – Sound Recording, Post Production and Sound Design
Alicia Rackett – Animation and Cross-platform Production
Melanie Sandford ASE – Pre-Shooting Coverage & Editing
Roger Scholes – Directing, Writing and Producing Advice
Joe Shemesh – Cinematographer, Remote Area Filming Technical Advice
George Underwood – Television Producing & Directing
Tom Waugh – Technical Advice
Andy Wilson – 1st AD, Script Breakdown & Scheduling


Daniel Broun is the director of the production house The Digital Suite. He has been involved in the video production business for 15 years, starting as a grip and camera assistant on location with Baron Films in WA. Since then he has worked in Sydney at Omnicon as a technical operator and edit assistant for 3 years. Moving back to WA he took up a position as a senior editor at STW9 working on a wide range of television productions from TVC's, documentaries. news production and promotions but specialised in program production, working on over 500 programs in his 7 years at the station. Now developing his own projects under the banner of The Digital Suite. Daniel is happy to share his experience and to give advice on production planning, editing, colour grading and any technical enquiries.

Mark Buys is a screen composer who’s original scores for award winning films, The Line and Shadows of the Past, have received acclaim world wide and demand for his musical expertise has lead him to work on projects ranging from feature films, documentaries, television and games in Australia, America and Europe.
Originally from Melbourne, Mark studied music at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) where he was the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Award to complete his Masters in Music in composition and conducting.
Recently Mark moved to Tasmania from Los Angeles where he was working in the film music industry at the studios of Christopher Young and Hans Zimmer respectively, as well as writing original music for various Film and TV projects. He is currently teaching Music Technology and Music for Film/TV at the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart and is happy to offer advice to film makers on all aspects of music use and can recommend his students to score your film. View examples of Mark’s work.

Peter Crocker has extensive experience in field sound recording, documentary sound and current affairs sound. He has also been the sound recordist on a number of short films.

Peter Curtis is an Award winning Tasmanian based cameraman and lighting director, working for ABC Television. He is a specialist location cameraman with highly developed lighting skills. In a career that has spanned over 25 years Peter has worked as a cameraman/DOP on a wide variety of TV programs and network documentaries. Peter has considerable international experience having been posted to ABC bureau in Moscow, Jerusalem and Washington DC. Whilst based in Tasmania Peter has also completed many one off assignments in various parts of the world for programs such as ‘Foreign Correspondent’. He has worked under just about every condition possible and has significant skills in cold climate shooting, having work in the Arctic and Antarctic several times.

Heidi Douglas has been using Final Cut Pro since its release in 1999 to edit award winning documentaries and tailored video productions. Throughout this period Heidi worked as the National Video Producer for The Wilderness Society, shooting and editing short documentaries and web movies for their campaigns around Australia. Based in Hobart, Heidi now works as a freelance editor and runs Dark Lake Productions. Her clients include educational, Aboriginal, environmental and arts organizations across Australia. Heidi has worked as both an online and offline editor on broadcast documentaries.

Di Drew is one of Australia’s most respected, award winning drama directors and producers. Her impressive body of work as a director includes feature films, mini series, tele-movies, television series and theatre. She has worked with an A list of actors across Australia, America and the U.K. and has gained both local and international recognition at some of the worlds most prestigious film festivals.
Di holds an impressive selection of awards for her work as both director and producer, she produced the Australian TV series All Saints for four years. She has also been a teacher of performance and directing and was Head of Directing at AFTRS. Di’s ability to guide emerging directors, writers and actors has found her in heavy demand across the industry. She left her home state when selected as the first ever Tasmanian to gain entry into the AFTRS and now shares her time between Hobart and Sydney where she continues to work as tutor and mentor whilst pursuing development of her own feature film projects and directing television drama for Australia and the U.S.

Tim Ferguson is a widely acclaimed comedian, writer and producer. Tim is well-placed to teach comedy, having toured the world performing stand-up comedy, writing and producing sitcoms and writing dozens of live stage comedy shows and TV light entertainment programmes. He has worked extensively in Britain on Channel 4, ITV and the BBC (Friday Night Live, Viva Cabaret, DAAS Love, Paul McCarthy Show, 01 For London) and has co-written Aussie sitcoms including Shock Jock, Daas Kapital,and forgettherules. Tim currently hosts With Tim Ferguson, the new political satire programme on digital Channel 31. As Australia’s leading comedy teacher, Tim lectures in narrative comedy and screenwriting at the RMIT School of Media & Communication in Melbourne and conducts comedy writing workshops for AFTRS, the VCA and the Australian Writers Guild.

Graham Gates has had almost 40 years professional experience in the Media Industry, with his main area of expertise being Film & Television where he has worked in all aspects of production at the highest level. Currently Graham is the Director of the Rosny College television production course and is a highly respected teacher with a background in commercial television. He has held many roles across numerous organisations including Lecturer in Television Journalism at the UTas, State Moderator in Media for the Tasmanian Department of Education, VET Co-ordinator for Television Tasmania, Board Member of Edge Radio and he is a former Board member of Screen Tasmania. Graham has been a passionate supporter of screen training initiatives for decades, and is the Chair of the Wide Angle Board. He is a member of the ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society), an accredited Vocational Education Trainer & Co-ordinator for Television and the author of the TCE Media Production C Syllabus, the TCE Pre-tertiary Media Production Industry Syllabus and T.C.E. courses in Television & Video.

Michael Gissing has been involved in broadcast, production and post production for 34 years. His specialty is post production with nearly 800 documentary sound tracks done and colour grade and online of over 50 programs. Equipment specialty is the Fairlight audio systems and Final Cut Studio picture software. Pre production to post production workflows are his forte. Michael has his own Post Production House in Cygnet call Digital City Studios.

After many years of producing corporate media, David Gurney co-founded Blue Rocket Productions with Alicia Rackett, in 1999.  Since then he has created and produced animation projects for television and multiplatform including Australia's first CGI television series, Hoota & Snoz which sold into 115 countries worldwide. David has executive produced and directed numerous animated TV series for Blue Rocket including Hoota & Snoz (3 series), Time Cracks (2 series), Mörmel Spots (3 series), The Dog and Cat News (2 series), Bang the Cat (2 series), Pixel Pinkie (2 series), Mega Bites and short film Spikey Joe’s Truck. David was the creative director of The Hoota & Snoz Official Website, the multi award winning Dog and Cat News website, the Pixel Pinkie website and My Place online. David was also the creative director of Blue Rocket’s mobile content unit which sold content to over 40 countries worldwide. He also created Erky Perky and co-created RFTV for Ambience Entertainment.
David has given lectures, conducted seminars and consulted to numerous organisations including ABC Executive Leadership Group, ABC Multiplatform, ABC Radio, ABC Regional Management, ACS, AFC, AFTRS, AGIdeas, AIMIA, Arts Tasmania, Becker Entertainment, Chapman Pictures, DCITA, Digital Media World, FFC, Film Victoria, Matchbox Pictures, PFTC, SAFC, Screen Australia, Screen Tasmania, Screen West and Wide Angle Tasmania.

Pete Harmsen has been a cameraman for over 30 years shooting news, current affairs, documentaries, drama, commercials, sport, corporate videos etc, mainly as a single operator or with a very small crew. He is a firm believer that every shot needs to be "lit", whether it be with artificial or natural light, a big rig or no rig. Lighting is still the key.

John Honey was born and grew up in Tasmania, and has worked in film and television for several decades as a writer and director. In Australia he’s written and directed children’s drama and educational television, and television drama and documentaries. John directed one feature film, Manganinnie, and was executive producer of another, Save the Lady. In the USA John has written and directed over sixty television documentaries, and been executive producer on many more. Since returning to Hobart he’s written scripts for McLeod’s Daughters, and is currently adapting two of his novels, PAINT and STRINGS, as feature movies.


Terry Lee commenced flying helicopters in the Australian Army in 1970 and in 1977 started work at Channel 7 Sydney as the first full time media pilot in Australia. This subsequently led to work in the Australian film and TV industry and resulted in work on over 40 movies and countless TVC's and documentaries. From Crocodile Dundee, to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to Sniper to Mad Max III and Mission Impossible II, Terry has been lucky enough to share a beer with Tom Selleck, Jim Belushi, Tom Berenger and Mel Gibson to name just a few interesting people he has worked with. After working for himself for 25 years, Terry is now employed at Rotorlift Aviation in Hobart as Operations Manager and Pilot, and is willing to help you with any aerial filming advice.

Rachael Lucas – Advice on all areas of Low Budget Film-making.  With an underlying interest in music, a sensibility for pop culture, fashion and a background in making no-budget music videos, Rachael has cultivated a popular reputation as a DIY Rock ’n' Roll filmmaker, with a Japanese bent. Her major works include two guerrilla rockumentaries Malcolm Hill: Last of the Wild Bohemians (2000), Electra: The Music of Penny Ikinger (2006) and the Japanese Surfing Road Movie Bondi Tsunami (2004). In 2007, Rachael completed her first DIY film making book for Australian filmmakers “The Bondi Tsunami Rock n Roll Guide to Guerrilla Film Making” and is currently working on her next major project “Johnny Rocku”. Rachael ran the Summer Screen Safari project for Wide Angle in 2008.

Polly McGee is an experienced writer and commercialisation manager, who can assist you with script assessment and character development, as well as strategic planning for raising finance for your low budget venture. Polly has a wealth of experience in advising companies on grant application and grant assessments and is available to consult on your grant applications and advise on content, as well as assist you to develop your pitch and deliver it.

Dick Marks OAM has had almost 40 years experience in the film and television industries. He began his career as a studio hand, then floor manager, studio cameraman and TV news cameraman. Dick then went on to write, produce, direct and photograph numerous award winning documentaries, and has written, directed, photographed and edited thousands of commercials for cinema and TV. He is a member of the prestigious Directors Guild of America and has shot in Europe, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand, Japan, Africa, India, Indonesia, Fiji, Hawaii, New Guinea, and, of course, extensively in Australia. It is not uncommon for him to commit to large shoots for months at a time. A few of the most identifiable campaigns he has worked on, (a great many of which have won international awards in the USA, UK and worldwide), are: New South Wales Rugby League campaigns for 1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995 with Tina Turner, Qantas "I still call Australia home" original campaign, Lux Shampoo with Catherine Zeta-Jones for Japan, Sunsilk Shampoo with Laura Dern, Sugarine with Elle Macpherson and Pantene with Rachel Hunter.

Bruce Moyle is a graduate of the University of Tasmania, a web designer, podcaster, new media producer, sound engineer and on occasion cosplay herder. Director of Joffre Street Productions, Bruce has created one of the longest running indy pop culture podcasts in Australia, (Cool) Shite on the tube. He is also the technical director for the biggest pop culture event in Australia, Supanova. Between these fun gigs, he will be coding, advising and learning new and interesting things for his clients.

Troy Melville is the creative director of production company Move Media, specialists in factual content. A producer and director, his first documentary Testing Taklo (Writer/Director) was commissioned by SBS in 2004 for the series Inside Australia.   Since then he has directed Episode 3 on Alive & Kicking, a 4x26 minute series commissioned by SBS (2008), was associate producer on the one-hour documentary Stormsurfers, for Discovery Asia (2008).  Troy produced and directed Andrew, sauveteur de Baleines en Tasmanie, a 26min documentary for France 3 and Les échouages de baleines en Tasmanie, a 55min documentary for Thalassa Cable in 2007/2008 as a co-production between Move Media and MVC.  Troy’s previous work includes short film promising (2006, Producer) and The Magic Bullet a 52 minute documentary for SBS (2006, Assistant Director). Currently Troy is developing two feature length documentaries as Australian French co-productions.

Andrew Nash has been a professional audio engineer working in film, television and radio for the past 25 years. He has recorded sound and music for numerous documentaries including Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson's Facing the Music. Andrew spent 15 years at the ABC where he recorded everything from opera to drama. He was responsible for the spectacular recording Dawn Mantras that welcomed in the new millennium on ABC TV. His experience as a sound designer is unusual in that it also crosses into design for radio drama and audio art. A number of works have won international and national competitions. Andrew is also an experienced educator and has taught a range of courses in audio engineering.

Alicia Rackett co-founded Blue Rocket 12 years ago and has produced Flash and CGI series, web and mobile projects with a range of Australian and overseas partners. Most recently Alicia created and produced Pixel Pinkie a cross-platform property including a 52 x 12 minute TV series (Nine Network Aust), broadband fan site and mobile content. Currently, she is producing the online component of My Place, an exciting cross platform project for children produced by Chapman Pictures for the ABC and based on Nadia Wheatley’s award winning book. Her experience extends from creative development, all aspects of production through to marketing of the completed project.

Melanie Sandford ASE is one of Australia’s most experienced documentary film editors having worked in the industry for more than 20 years. Her work includes) ‘An Imaginary Life – David Malouf’ (Winner Golden Spire USA), ‘Myths of Childhood’ (Winner Gold Medal Human Relations NY U.S.A), ‘Australians at War’ (AFI nomination for Best Editing) and Testing Taklo (Troy Melville). Melanie also edited the multi award winning ‘Stories From the Stone Age’ and “The Passionate Apprentice” (Roger Scholes director). Melanie regularly travels to Burma to teach in ‘The Art of Documentary Filmmaking’ workshop in Yangon.

Roger Scholes has been an independent film and television maker working as a producer, director, writer, script editor, cinematographer and editor in drama and documentary projects for cinema, television and online projects for over 30 years. Of his 20 released films a number have received critical acclaim, such as THE TALE OF RUBY ROSE winning 4 critics prizes at the Venice Film Festival in 1987 including Best Actress and Best Director. His documentary series LAST PORT OF CALL and FUTURE SHACK gained the highest documentary rating for the ABC in 2005 with 1.2 million viewers and recent series THE PASSIONATE APPRENTICES gained the highest Inside Australia slot rating ever for SBS TV. As well as preparing a slate of films for production in association with various parties, Roger works as a lecturer and tutor for many institutions including the AFTRS film School, the VCA film school, Film Victoria, the Australian Film Commission, Screen Tasmania, Latrobe University and has served as a board member for the VCA Film School and Screen Tasmania.

Joe Shemesh is a freelance cinematographer with extensive experience that includes a wide range of commissioned remote locations and aerials work. His considerable broadcast experience includes the role of Director of Photography for The Oldest Living Tasmanian - The Huon Pine Story, a one hour documentary featuring Tasmania's Huon piners and broadcast nationally on ABC TV. He was also second unit cameraman for the one hour Living Edens - Tasmania Land of the Devils documentary, broadcast nationally and in over 40 countries world-wide. Over the past decade, Joe has also shot for a number of other Tasmanian, national and international based production companies that include Edward Street Films, Paul Scott Films, Fathom Media and ZDF.

George Underwood is a television and corporate media producer/director with over 19 years experience in the media industry. He has worked for all three commercial networks here in Australia producing primetime television series; My Restaurant Rules, Changing Rooms, Location Location, Sensing Murder, and RSPA Animal Rescue to name a few. He started as a camera assistant and worked his way up gaining experience as a sound recordist, cameraman, editor, director and writer. In the last ten years as a producer George has gained experience in all aspects of television producing including scheduling, budget management and concept development.

Tom Waugh is a self confessed technical geek who enjoys researching the latest cameras each and every day. His knowledge of our equipment is excellent and he often assists Peter Curtis in our Camera Courses. Tom’s main interests lie in cinematography and editing. He has shot lots of short films and corporate videos as well as working for the ABC from halfway through year 12 as a news editor. He was Clapper Loader/2nd AC and 2nd Unit DoP for ‘The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce’ a TV documentary drama broadcast recently on the ABC, as well as Clapper Loader/2nd AC for ‘The Cut’ an ABC TV series. For steady cam training, and any questions relating to the technical side of cameras, edit suites and even audio, Tom can help you.

Andy Wilson has been working as a full-time Producer since 1995, both in-house and for local, interstate and international clients. Andy works in all screen sectors though his businesses Zoot Film Tasmania and RGB Republic. All emerging industry professionals are encouraged to contact Andy for any production queries such as: production management, quoting, scheduling, script breakdowns and location advice. Andy is also happy to answer any questions related to running a screen industry business in Tasmania.

More detailed biogs and CVs for the SAS Advisors may be available to WAT Members on request to Wide Angle.