Sony EX1

The EX1 is a high definition camera that records onto SxS Pro 8GB memory cards. The kit has 3 cards,  each card records up to 38 minutes of High Definition footage.  The EX records broadcast quality footage.

NOTE : Both cameras have minor defaults,  the hire price has already been reduced.
Kit 7
- no headphone monitoring
Kit 6
- playback doesn't work, can't review footage
- HD-SDI output doesn't work
- USB port is unreliable, we can provide a MAC laptop with inbuilt SxS card reader for file transfers if necessary

What are you using the camera for?
Kit 7 is more suitable for making short films and live streaming events as you will want playback to work and you will want SDI output. Generally you will be recording sound separate to camera, you can still set levels with tone from mixer, meaninf its not as necessary to have headphone output.
Kit 6 is more suitable for filming documentaries because you probably will want headphone output and are less likely to want to do playback.

The kit includes a NTG1 microphone mounted and  an 800/400 firewire cable. A wide angle lens is available on request.
Read more about the EX on the Sony site.

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