The EX1 is a  high definition camera that records onto SxS Pro 8GB memory cards. The kit has 3 cards,  each card records up to 38 minutes of High Definition footage.  The EX records broadcast quality footage.

NOTE : Minor individual faults on the two camera heads at the moment. Camera 1 has no headphone monitoring, camera 2 has an unreliable USB port for transferring files if you don't have  a card reader, but firewire is OK. So still available for hire if you can work around either of these two problems.  We can provide a MAC laptop with inbuilt SxS card reader for file transfers if necessary.


The kit includes a NTG1 microphone mounted and  an 800/400 firewire cable. A wide angle lens is available on request.
Read more about the EX on the Sony site

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