Simon, Lucien

Role(s) / Industry: 

Lucien Simon is an award-winning Director/Writer of Film and Theatre. Lucien has directed three short films, including MUFFLED screened at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Chicago Reeling Festival, and Newfest and STRIPPED BARE (funded by Screen Tasmania) winner of the Open National award at the 2010 Canberra Short Film Festival and featured in the 2011 Flickerfest International Film Festival and has a short film, The Beast, in post-production.

Lucien also produced the documentary DAUGHTER OF SAN DOMENICA (funded by Screen Australia), Produced, wrote and directed the 26 minute documentary CONVERSATIONS IN KINGBOROUGH (winner of the State and National Local Government Awards) and was Project Initiator and Manager of the Inter-generational community art project MORE THAN MEMORY which spawned the 46 minute documentary (Distributed by VideoEducation Australia).

As a writer, Lucien currently has three feature films in development; SOLACE (funded by Screen Tasmania and developed with ARISTA), THE BRIDGE THAT WASN’T THERE (developed through Arista’s IGNITE program, funded by Screen Tasmania and the NTFO) and BREEDING IN CAPTIVITY that he will Direct and Produce, and is scheduled to start shooting in October and November of this year (Investors Screen Tasmania and Sponsors Bill Watkins & Domain A).

He has directed over 12 plays and produced for over 20 community art events companies such as Riverland Youth Theatre, BIG hART, SCAPE, the Australian Script Centre, Vitalstatistix, CIA, Melbourne Workers Theatre, Kickstart Arts and festivals such as the Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Come Out Festival (Australia’s largest Youth and children’s Festival), ARTrage (WA) and The Hobart Fringe Festival. Lucien was Artistic Director of Riverland Youth Theatre (2003-2005), co-Artistic Director of SCAPE (2000-2002), Artistic Director of TRANSISTER UTAS Student Art Festival (2001), Assistant Director of the Hobart Fringe Festival (2000) and co-director of ARKhive performance venue (1996-1997). Lucien received funding from Arts Tasmania to write the first draft of the novel THE BRIDGE THAT WASN’T THERE and has just received funding from Arts Tasmania to complete a second draft working with editor Jody Lee.



Stripped Bare (16 min, 2010) - Director/ Co-Writer
Funded by Screen Tasmania.
Accepted into the Cannes Short Film Market, Winner of Open National Award at Canberra Short Film Festival (2010), Flickerfest (2011), Saint Kilda Film Festival (2011), Melbourne Underground FF (2010)
Slashed (8min, 2010)- Art Director,
Raw Nerve Program funded by Screen Australia.
Best Australian Short at The 2011 Melbourne Queer Festival, Runner-up Best Emerging Filmmaker (Jury Award) Melbourne Queer Film Festival 2011, Frameline: San Francisco International GLBTI Film Festival (2011), Saint Kilda Film Festival (2011), My Queer Career (Sydney Mardi Gras) (2011), Dungog Film Festival (2011), Bendigo Queer Film Festival (2011)
Daughter of San Domenico (9 min, 2010) – Producer
Funded through the Raw Nerve (Screen Australia) program. Writer/Director Marisa Mastrocola.
Conversations in Kingborough (26min, 2009) - Producer/Director/Writer
Funded by the Premier’s Department.
Winner of the 2010 Tasmanian Local Government Award, Winner of the 2010 National Local Government Award.
More than Memory (45min, 2009): Project Manager
Funded by the Department of Health & Aging.
Distributor Video Education Australia.
THEY HUNG FROM TREES (7min, 2009) – Writer/ Director
Distributed by Zoot Films. Sold to TV in Europe, USA & Canada.
MUFFLED (7 min, 2007)- Director
Screening: Newfest Film Festival (New York, 2007), Reeling International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Chicago, 2007), Palm Springs International Film Festival (2007)
Hobart Fringe Festival TV advertisement (2000) - Writer /Director
Financed by Hobart Fringe festival, Fin Films and Southern Cross.
(In Development)
The Beast (Short Film)- Director
Currently in post-production
Goddess - Directors Attachment to Mark Lamprell
Breeding in Captivity (Feature)- Writer/Director
Shooting dates October, 2012
The Bridge that Wasn’t There (2009/10, Feature) First Draft Completed – Writer
Investors: Screen Tasmania. Developed as part of Arista & the NFTO Ignite Program.
Script Assessment Robert Connolly (funded by Screen Tasmania)
Solace: First Draft Completed (2005-2010, Feature) – Writer
Script editor Belinda Chayko. Producer Consultant Catherine Pettman.
Investors: Screen Tasmania. Developed as part of Arista’s Residential Program.
Finger Bone: Second Draft Complete (2006, 15min) – Writer
Meet the Macbeths: 4th Draft Complete (2005-06, 20min short) – Adapted from Shakespeare’s Macbeth with Co-Writer with Yvette Blackwood
I Mind X Mind: 3rd Draft Completed (1999-2006, Feature) - Writer
Investors:  Screen Tasmania for the second and third draft.