Shoan, Noam


Hello. I'm a filmmaker, writer and photographer. I've made one short film, which you can watch here if you'd like:
I'm currently editing two short films. The first is a little film about the catacombs in Paris, and the second is a little film of traditional singing in Georgia(Caucasus).
I'm really keen to work with people on their projects, and to get help on my own projects... or perhaps work on mutual projects together. I'm willing to help in any capacity I can. I have worked as a director, camera person, writer, stills photographer, data wrangler, a bit of sound recording and general lackey that helps carry all the heavy stuff.
I have some minimal gear that I'm happy to bring along to a project. I have a Canon 5D mk2 with a 50mm lens, a Zoom H4N sound recorder, and a few ok tripods.


I worked on the film Coniston(2013), heres some info about it if your interested:
I worked as the stills photographer, data wrangler, and second camera operator.

We can be contacted via Wide Angle. Telephone: 03 6223 8344