Shake and Dance

Shake and Dance tells the story of Dennis Shake, a confused and struggling musician, motivated to pursue his art for all the wrong reasons

PRODUCER: Phoenix Rain
DURATION: mins,  secs

YEAR: 2019

Dennis Shake sits in his room, fantasizing about winning back his ex-girlfriend, Dance. He hatches a scheme to impress her with a surprise appearance at her new boyfriend’s gig. Things do not go according to plan, and the experience leaves Dennis both physically and emotionally hurt. After embarrassing himself in front of everyone he knows, alienating his best friend, and catching a beating, Dennis resolves to write the greatest song the world has ever heard. Alone in his room, Dennis stares at his own reflection, cracked and broken within an old framed photograph of him and Dance; a memory, a fantasy, and something he will never hold again.


Nerve 2019 Industry Screening - Hobart, February 2020


Writer and Director - Sam Tooker
Producer - Phoenix Rain
Executive Producer - Abi Binning
Mentor Producer - Emma Wilson
Script Editor and Mentor Director - Briony Kidd
Sound Editing & Colour Grade - Mike Gissing, Digital City Studios

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