Script Bank

Wide Angle is all about connecting our community - and helping you to get films made.  If you've written a short script that’s now sitting in a drawer gathering dust, you're invited to submit it to Wide Angle's script bank.  The script bank will be available to WAT members who are keen to direct or produce a short and are looking for a script. It will also be available for writers to gain inspiration from others.  

It's completely free for writers to submit, and access to the scripts will be for Wide Angle members only.

If you're interested, please complete the Google Form.

When launched members will be able to read the logline and synopsis, and then sign an NDA before reading your script. If a director or producer decides they want to make your script into a film, we'll facilitate the signing of an agreement between you to ensure you get credited for your hard work.

How does that sound!?  Any questions, get in touch.

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