Sanderson, Calum

Role(s) / Industry: 

Writer, director and editor. Interested in all genres and gaining more experience. I am first and foremost a writer, with interest in directing and editing. Writing is my passion, creating stories and characters is thoroughly exciting for me, especially with writing partners. I am able to write a script quickly given certain parameters (story beats, character types, etc).
I have directed my own material so far and enjoy the process. I only step in when things might be going off-track, but also like the freedom of improv on the spot. I have also edited my own material, and enjoy the process greatly. I am learning more and more with each project.


Live Feed (2014) - screened at Stranger With My Face Festival, August 2014. Writer, director and visual editor.
Serum (2013) - due to be completed in November 2015. Writer, director, editor.

We can be contacted via Wide Angle. Telephone: 03 6223 8344