We're here to help connect you with others and provide a range of resources for making screen content:

Our library in well resourced with everything from Screenwriting, Directing through to Legals and running a business. These are just a few of what we have available


  • Writing the Short Dramatic Screenplay Compiled by Jonathan Dawson
  • Storytelling Techniques for Digital Filmmakers by Ross Hockrow
  • Save the Cat - the last book on screenwriting.. by Blake Snyder
  • Screenwriting - A Manual by Jonanthan Dawson


  • FilmCraft: Directing by Michael Goodridge
  • Directing, Film Techniques and Aesthetics by Michael Rabiger

Film Producing and Management

  • The Production Satchel
  • Film Production Management by Bastian Clevé
  • A Handbook for producers - Film Business by Tom Jeff
  • Hands On All Media Producing by Marcus Gillezea


  • Documentaries… and how to make them by Andy Glynn
  • Filming tips for Documentary by Peter Curtis

Insurance and Legals

  • Arts Laws Resource Material by Arts Law Australia
  • The Arts Insurance Handbook by Arts Law - Catherine Fargher & Seth Richardson

Community Organizations

  • Community and Independent Television by Metro Television
  • Strategic Planning for Public & Non-profit Organisations by John M Bryson
  • The Book of the Board by David Fishel

Film Crew Roles

  • FilmCraft: Editing by Justin Chang
  • FilmCraft: Costume Design by Deborah Nadoolman Landis
  • FilmCraft: Production Design by Fionnuala Halligan
  • Lighting for Cinematography by David Landau

These are just a few of the resources that we have available

We also have a terrific range of DVDs for you to borrow - stacks of locally produced films that you can browse in the office.
If you are looking to connect with Tasmanian production companies or find local crew or cast, here's the page for the WAT industry database.

If you have suggestions for some book titles that you would like us to have, please give us a yell

You can also check in to our facebook page for links to online communities.