Red Flag 2016

Wide Angle Tasmania and Screen Australia are partnering to provide early career screen practitioners with their first shot at production.  Three teams have been selected for support to go through the full process of making a short screen project.   This model of mentoring, training and support aims to provide screen practitioners with their first experience of an industry standard production and provide a calling card for their professional aspirations.

Congratulations to:
Jane Howard (writer and director) and Rogan Brown (producer) The Good Room
Carly Rusden (director) and Mark Thomson (producer) Source 'Our Co-op' documentary
Pauline Marsh (director) and Paul Moran (producer) The Conquest of Emmie

Each early career practitioner will receive a package valued at over $20 000 that includes;
• mentoring from an experienced screen industry practitioner
• advice through the script editing process
• $4 000 cash budget (drama) OR $2 000 cash budget (documentary or animation)
• $5 000 value of production and post production equipment hire from WAT
• insurances for the film and volunteer cast and crew
• a colour grade and sound mix provided by a post-production studio
• a gala launch of the films

Red Flag is a mentored opportunity to produce a short form digital story of any genre (animation, comedy, documentary, experimental and drama) designed for any platform.  The aim is that those who complete RED Flag have identified a pathway for reaching audience, an experience of creating content with a micro-budget, a screen story that delivers to the identified audience and a product that can be used as a calling card for future projects – whether these be multiplatform projects, web-series, television, or tracking towards feature film.

The films will premiere at WAT's Last Hurrah on June 25 at the Theatre Royal.

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