A young woman’s cross-town errand takes a dangerous turn when she encounters a dark figure from her past.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Jeff Kirkland
PRODUCER: Tara Bufton
DURATION: 10mins 
YEAR: 2019

Red, a drug courier for a biker gang, is sent to deliver a bag of drugs to a local nightclub. On the way she encounters her possessive ex-boyfriend, Rafe, who wants her back in his life and won’t take “No” for an answer. She manages to escape and continue on her way but an angry and obsessed Rafe has no intention of letting her go that easily.


Nerve 2019 Industry Screening - Hobart, February 2020

Mutha - Shane Rayner 
Red - Eleanore Knox 
George - Norman Alexander 
Rafe - Michael Gillan 
Tony - Stephen Ashton 


Writer & Director - Jeff Kirkland
Story By - Jeff Kirkland & Helen Kirkland
Producer - Tara Bufton
Executive Producer - Abi Binning
Mentor Producer - Emma Wilson
Script Editor & Mentor Director - Briony Kidd
Cinematographer - Andrew Walton 
Production Manager - Julia Hendy-Cartwright
Production Coordinator - Elise Stansfield
Assistant Director - Leisle Grant  
Sound Recordist - Stewart Mackay 
Production Designer - Ella Knight
Production Assistant - Emily Roberts
Location Manager - Julia Hendy-Cartwright 
Camera Assistants - Ben Nelan  & Emily Roberts 
Hair & Makeup - Hair & Makeup 
Stills - José Navarro & Mark Thomson
Fight Choreographer - Stephen Ashton
Catering - Henry East & Laura Hampton
Music - Gareth Dawson 
Editor - Jeff Kirkland
Sound Editing & Colour Grade - Mike Gissing, Digital City Studios

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