Raw Nerve short films

Session 4: Raw Nerve Short Films

Raw Nerve is a national production initiative of Screen Australia, delivered in partnership in Tasmania with Wide Angle Tasmania.  Raw Nerve provides first-time funded directors with a unique opportunity to develop high quality short films on a micro-budget. 


Where: Snug Community Hall
When:  Sunday 18th September
Time:  3 pm
Session Time:  70 mins
Speaker:  Director, Bernard Lloyd

The Films

Iron Will (2008) – directed by Vivien Mason

Iron Will, ready for truth, inconvenienced by dirt.




Help Wanted (2008) – directed by Daniel Weavell

A young man realises that to really go places you have to leave your baggage behind.



Henry Finn (2008) – directed by Shaun Wilson

To respect their terminally ill fathers’ wishes, a brother and sister set to break their father out from hospital and in the process, help him relive his past


Next of Kin (2008) – directed by Rose Schramm

Angela is looking for love. Laurie is looking for acceptance.



Daughter of San Domenico (2009) – directed by Marisa Mastrocola

A poetic documentary that weaves decades of personal family footage with the fable-like story of Marisa’s return to her father’s Italian village.



The Tin Man (2009) – directed by Bernard Lloyd

IN the last seven minutes of his life, as his son reads a newspaper letter demanding recognition for his sole as the ‘Father of Tasmania’, a series of tableaux pass before the dying eyes of James ‘The Philosopher’Smith: Tasmania’s legendary prospector


The Gardener (2009) – directed by Jasmine Cameron

A ten year old boy suffering from insomnia escapes his cold and emotionless family home late at night, stumbling across a kindred spirit in an old lady who tends to her flowers while the rest of the world sleeps.



Water: A Poem (2009) directed by Justus Neumann & Andrew Del Vecchio

This is the story of man’s inner struggle to overcome the toxic forces that destroy our innocence and suppress the immense creative potential that slumbers within us all.