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Since Wide Angle Tasmania was established in 2005 we've been running initiatives designed to get Tasmanians making great screen stories and sharing them with audiences.

Step-Out Web17 was a partnership between Wide Angle Tasmania (WAT) and Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) for Tasmanian filmmakers.  It was a knock-out competition where the crowd decided which web-series were in the running for production investment including up to $20,000 cash. The winning team were Women of the Island, who have made three episodes so far.

Step-Out Web17
A Farmer's Daughter - Women of the Island
The Radiophonic Artist - Women of the Island
Protector and Defender - Women of the Island

The Step-Up Film Initiative is the brainchild of Tasmania’s screen development organisation Wide Angle Tasmania.  General Manager Abi Binning says “we have a deep pool of talent in Tasmania but it’s incredibly difficult for early career filmmakers to keep building on their film successes – making high quality films is very difficult without access to equipment, mentors and cash.  The Step-Up Initiative is designed to provide talented filmmakers with the means to make their next defining film.”

Step-Up Film Initiative 2015/16
A Girl Needs a Bike

We ran the Audacity Fund in 2016. Seven screen projects were supported into production through Wide Angle Tasmania’s Audacity Fund. With a strong mix of genres and teams, the films premiered at WAT’s ‘Hurrah Hurrah’ at the Theatre Royal in June, 2016.

Audacity Fund 2016
The Birdmann 'LIVE'
The Calling Hours
The Garden
Before It Falls
Blood of Life

In 2016 we also ran the Red Flag 2016 initiative. Red Flag is a mentored opportunity to produce a short form digital story of any genre (animation, comedy, documentary, experimental and drama) designed for any platform.  The aim is that those who complete RED Flag have identified a pathway for reaching audience, an experience of creating content with a micro-budget, a screen story that delivers to the identified audience and a product that can be used as a calling card for future projects – whether these be multiplatform projects, web-series, television, or tracking towards feature film.

Red Flag 2016
The Good Room
Source 'Our Co-Op'
The Conquest of Emmie

In 2008 we began our Raw Nerve initiative, where we help three teams go through the process of making a short film, from script editing through to a screening of the finished film. We give them a cash budget, access to film equipment, a mentor, insurances and training. Check out the amazing films that have been produced through this initiative below:

Raw Nerve 2015
Love Train
Waiting for Angel

Raw Nerve 2014
Slick Timing

Raw Nerve 2013
Hormones: The Musical
Confessions of a Date-A-Holic
Blue Shirt, Green Tie

Raw Nerve 2012
The Lala Road
Little Lamb
Knit One

Raw Nerve 2011
Piercing Silence
Showing the Ropes

Raw Nerve 2010
Exit, Pursued by a Bear
Thicker than Water

Raw Nerve 2009
Water - A Poem
Daughter of San Domenico
Tin Man
The Gardener

Raw Nerve 2008
Iron Will
Help Wanted
Henry Finn
Next of Kin

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