Next of Kin

Angela is looking for love. Laurie is looking for acceptance.

WRITER, DIRECTOR & PRODUCER:  Rose Schramm                         
DURATION: 9 mins   
YEAR:  2008

When a family member from her past attempts suicide, Angela uses the crisis as an opportunity to recreate the family bonds and look for a love that she has been craving. She welcomes Laurie into her home; however, her generosity backfires when Angela realises that what she wants is unobtainable. While Angela tries her best to be an adult, Laurie is like an adolescent, struggling to find his identity. He tests her limits and her patience. After a night out, their roles change to reveal the truth behind who they really are. Next of Kin is a 9 minute drama about how in some situations there is no happy ending. We just have to let go.


Los Angeles Women Film Festival (Sept 09)
Australian World Of Women Film Festival (Sept 09)


Jemma Gates, Alex Martin, Trevor Gallagher

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