NERVE 2019

In 2019 Wide Angle provided Tasmanian screen practitioners with their first shot at production through our annual initiative NERVE.  Teams received a cash budget and Wide Angle support to go through the full process of making a short screen project. Previously called Raw Nerve, this model of mentoring, training and support aims to provide screen practitioners with their first experience of an industry standard production that will progress their career, educational and/or creative aspirations.

In 2019, the filmmakers and films supported included:
Jeff Kirkland - RED
Ursula Woods - Clockumentary
Sam Tooker - Dennis & Shake

Since 2008, Wide Angle Tasmania has helped dozens of Tasmanian screen practitioners to create their first funded short film through this highly successful model of mentoring, training and support. Opportunities to learn through doing are vital for directors, contributing to strong career outcomes.  Shaun Wilson (currently directing Rosehaven series 3) directed his first funded short film Henry Finn through this initiative in 2008.  Other alumni include Vivien Mason (now studying an MA in ‘Digital Storytelling’ at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London) and Rebecca Thomson (award winning director of the webseries Women of the Island).

The three films produced in 2018 are between 5 and 10 minutes in length. Wide Angle Tasmania helps filmmakers take their idea from script, through each stage of production, to a finished film ready for national and international festival release by December 2018.

Each filmmaker receives a package valued at over $30 000 that includes;
• mentoring from an experienced screen industry practitioner 
• advice through the script editing process 
• $3 000 cash budget
• free enrolment in relevant WAT training
• $7 500 value of production and post production equipment hire from WAT
• insurances for the film and volunteer cast and crew
• a colour grade and sound mix provided by a post-production studio
• a gala launch of the films

State Growth supported NERVE by contributing funds to employ nationally recognized script editors and mentor producers for Red, Clockumentary and Dennis & Shake

Read on here for more info.

Download the Guidelines and Application pack here (pdf)

Download the Guidelines and Application pack here (word)

Have you got a killer idea for a short film that you know audiences will love?  Need some funds to make it? In 2019 three short films will be produced through Nerve 2019 – and this is your chance to be selected.

NERVE 2019 is  delivered by Wide Angle Tasmania for Tasmanian filmmakers. If selected, you’ll have an experienced  filmmaker mentor you throughout - from honing your story through to distribution. You’ll receive $3,000 cash to fund the production of a short film (3 – 7minutes) that will play well to festival audiences.  You’ll also receive access to equipment, facilities, insurances and a professional colour grade and sound mix… and we’ll launch your film at a gala industry event.

What’s the timeline?
If you’re selected for NERVE 2019 it’ll consume most of your thoughts and time from September to November.  If you have a great team around you, you’ll be able to share the load, but make sure you can balance the demands of the programme with your other obligations – the timeline below isn’t flexible. 


What’s happening?


June 1

Applications open

Read the guidelines and mark some dates in your diary

6.30pm Friday July 19

Info session @ Wide Angle

Join us to find out more about NERVE 2019.  Is it for you?  How do you apply?

6.30 – 8.30pm Friday July 26

Speed networking

A chance to meet filmmakers and expand your team

4pm Monday August 5

Applications close

Email your application to [email protected]

August 6 - 31

Assessment process/contracting

We’ll let you know if you’re successful and step you through the contracting process

Sept – Nov 11


Work with your team to create an incredible short film!

Nov 11 - 27

Mix and Grade

Head to the studio (allow two days)

November 28


Deliver your project (and all the paperworkJ) to Wide Angle

Dec 2019 – January 2020 TBC

Industry screening

A gala event with your film screening alongside other films supported by Wide Angle in 2019


Am I eligible for NERVE 2019?

This initiative is designed to support early career Tasmanian filmmakers who are seeking a mentored approach to developing and producing their screen project.  Read below to make sure that you and your team meet all of the following eligibility criteria.  If you have any questions about whether or not you are eligible, get in touch.

  • You and your key team members must be permanent residents of Tasmania who are financial WAT members.
  • You must hold the rights to make the film and/or be able to demonstrate access.
  • The team must include an early career director. We define this as a director who has never had any work commissioned for television, nor received production funding from any state or federal agency.  Teams may include experienced producers/editors/cinematographers.  We strongly encourage teams with a track record of collaboration to apply.
  • You and your core team have a history of engaging with WAT and the Tasmanian screen community.
  • The project must be an independent production - projects cannot be produced as part of any coursework.


How do I apply to NERVE 2019?

  1. We are here to help – make a time to come and discuss your project or ask for help if there are any barriers we can help you to overcome in preparing your application, including chain of title queries.Contact us during office hours on 6223 8344 or email [email protected]. 
  2. Copies of Raw Nerve films produced in previous years can be borrowed from the WAT resource library for free.
  3. Application Form and Attachments must be emailed by 4pm August 5. You will receive an email to confirm the receipt of your application no later than 4pm Aug 6
  4. Shortlisted applicantsmay be invited to attend an interview with the selection panel
  5. 5.  All applicants will be notified of the outcome no later than Aug 31. This email will include a summary of the panel’s feedback about the strong points and the weaknesses across all the applications that were received.  We can’t provide feedback on individual applications, and the panel’s decision is final.

How will my application be assessed?

The panel assesses each application against theses criteria:

  1. The strength of the story(eg. Is it actually a story or just an issue/character sketch? Does the story excite or inspire the panel? Is it likely to resonate with an audience?  Is it best told as a short film?)
  2. The strength of the style/structure(eg. Is the proposal or story told in a bold/innovative/compelling way? How strong is the visual storytelling?)
  3. The strength of the team(eg. is this the right team to tell this story?Does the team have the skills to manage, shoot, edit and distribute the film? Does the team recognise their weaknesses? Have they collaborated previously? With the support provided by the initiative, will the team be able to manage the production effectively?  Is this team contributing to a vibrant, diverse and renewable Tasmanian screen culture?)
  4. The benefit to the team (eg. will this project help the team achieve their screen aspirations? Will this project help build collaborative partnerships?)
  5. The level of engagement the team has had with WAT and the Tasmanian screen community
  6. The value of allocating resources to THIS project and team ( Is the project and team a good fit for the initiative? Are all elements of the initiative likely to be valued by the team? Is it likely to be realised effectively through the initiative? How does this project/team align with Wide Angle’s strategic objectives? How does this project and team rate against other applications? Can the project be funded elsewhere?)

More info found in the guidelines.


We are grateful for the support of State Growth – their support provides funds for the attachment of mentors to the team and project.

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