Wide Angle provides Tasmanian screen practitioners with their first shot at production through our annual initiative NERVE.  Teams receive a cash budget and Wide Angle support to go through the full process of making a short screen project. Previously called Raw Nerve, this model of mentoring, training and support aims to provide screen practitioners with their first experience of an industry standard production that will progress their career, educational and/or creative aspirations.

Three first-time film directors were selected for support through the Wide Angle Tasmania’s short film initiative NERVE 2018. The aim of NERVE is to produce high quality films on a small budget to showcase emerging talent and provide a pathway to industry.  This year three filmmakers have been selected, all directing their first funded film.  Click through for more information:  
Mick Lowenstein – Little Beauty
Victoria Bremner – Printed in Ink and
George Underwood - Karen

Since 2008, Wide Angle Tasmania has helped dozens of Tasmanian screen practitioners to create their first funded short film through this highly successful model of mentoring, training and support. Opportunities to learn through doing are vital for directors, contributing to strong career outcomes.  Shaun Wilson (currently directing Rosehaven series 3) directed his first funded short film Henry Finn through this initiative in 2008.  Other alumni include Vivien Mason (now studying an MA in ‘Digital Storytelling’ at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London) and Rebecca Thomson (award winning director of the webseries Women of the Island).

The three films produced in 2018 are between 5 and 10 minutes in length. Wide Angle Tasmania helps filmmakers take their idea from script, through each stage of production, to a finished film ready for national and international festival release by December 2018.

Each filmmaker will receive a package valued at over $30 000 that includes;
• mentoring from an experienced screen industry practitioner (Dick Marks, Di Drew, Graham Gates)
• advice through the script editing process (Karel Segers, Claire d'Este)
• $3 000 cash budget
• free enrolment in relevant WAT training
• $7 500 value of production and post production equipment hire from WAT
• insurances for the film and volunteer cast and crew
• a colour grade and sound mix provided by a post-production studio (Mike Gissing)
• a gala launch of the films

Bremner and Foster are participating as part of a Youth Arts Project, assisted through Arts Tasmania and Screen Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.  State Growth have also supported NERVE by contributing funds to employ nationally recognized script editors and mentor producers for Little Beauty and Karen.

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