Meagher, David


I am a freelance cinematographer and editor based in Melbourne, Victoria. I have extensive experience working for the arts, cultural institutions and international aid organisations.

I am driven to create film that is intelligently beautiful, thought provoking and enlightening.

In recent years I have worked with aboriginal communities throughout New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, I have documented the lives of female food heroes in Indonesia for Oxfam Australia, and I have filmed behind the scenes of one of the biggest touring mega-musicals in the world, Les Miserables.

Currently I am in post-production on two documentaries for Walsheyfilms and in pre-production for my own historical video installation project based in Tasmania.

I am looking forward to creating new contacts for future productions.

Please check out some of my work at


I have extensive experience as DP and editor in short-format documentary but have also worked on numerous short films and music videos.
I would consider my strengths to include my ability to compose and light a formal interview with style and beauty, capture real moments as they happen in a meaningful and intelligent manner, and edit footage creatively and efficiently. I have also worked with a wide range of clients and subjects, often under difficult circumstances, to produced material that has been highly regarded.
I have experience with and can operate most digital HD and 4K cameras, and predominately use Final Cut Pro X as my edit suite.