Matthew explores the public and private life of a 40 year old teacher, father and performance artist, whose story details how this small-town Catholic boy came to terms with his sexuality and was given a second chance through self acceptance.

PRODUCER: Aaron Luke Wilson & Cathy Allen
DURATION: 5 mins 47 secs
YEAR: 2014


Matthew is a story of one man’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance. After finally accepting himself, acknowledging his sexuality to others and casting off religious oppression, Matthew was given a second chance to live the life which had been denied to him for many years. Even though he came to terms with his sexuality, Matthew shows how he has been, and in some ways, still is, in conflict with himself in dealing with the social acceptance issues many heterosexuals take for granted.


Raw Nerve Premiere - Hobart, February 2015
Melbourne Queer Film Festival - Melbourne, March 2015
TASshorts on Screen - (Apr/May 2015) - State Cinema Hobart, Wynyard Wharf Hotel Theatre and Deloraine Little Theatre
ABC 2 - 9:20pm Friday, 7 August  2015.
iView - Screening from 8 August to 10:20pm 21 August 2015
BOFA, Tasmania, November 2015
ABC 2 screening - Jan 30, 2017
Tasmania Short Film Program, TMAG - March 2017

Matthew Stolp

Abi Binning - Executive Producer
Molly Reynolds - Mentor Producer
Aaron Luke Wilson - Director of Photography
Frederic Moll - Sound Engineer
Dan Broun - Editor
Steven Burdon - Composer

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