Love Train

One first date is never enough.

DIRECTOR/WRITER:  Mike Wedderburn
PRODUCER:  Emma Wilson
DURATION: 6mins 55secs
YEAR: 2015

Against his better judgement Harry has placed his wife Meg in a nursing home where The Matron can keep an eagle eye on her memory loss. In an attempt to trigger Meg’s memory, Harry tunnels into the home and recreates the events of their wonderful first date. Visiting hours are over however, and The Matron does not take kindly to an old lothario who insists on breaking her rules. The chase is on. Harry’s attempts at resweeping Meg off her feet are not the cure-all he’d imagined, and when The Matron finally catches up with the runaway couple, Harry realises he must relinquish a portion of his independence in order to be with the woman he loves.


Raw Nerve Premiere - Hobart, February 2016
Included in the Flickerfest Best of Australia Touring Programme - Hobart, March 2016


Harry - Gary Files
Meg  - Noela Foxcroft
Matron - Astrid Wells Cooper