Looking Back - a retrospective of Tasmanian film

Wide Angle Tasmania launched LOOKING BACK, a  celebration of the Tasmanian film industry’s heritage, over 3 days during the Tas Regional Arts programme OPEN YOUR EYES in September, 2011.  Part of Wide Angle Tasmania’s program of annual free screenings, we welcome suggestions from our members about Tasmanian content they would like to see up on the big screen and the towns you would like us to visit.

Coming up:

Mad Max - 8th of March
We thought we should bring some classic Australian film, so we're doing a screening of mad max in Hobart and in Port Aurthur.

Films screened as part of Looking Back to date:

Bali High Wedding - 42 mins screened Nov, 2011
For most mothers, organising a lavish wedding is stressful enough, but what if you are also an Australian-born Balinese royal princess expected to supervise complex Hindu traditions stretching back centuries? Q&A with Tasmanian Director Varcha Sidwell.  Check out the producer Roar Film's site for the film here. 

Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical - screened Nov 2011
A melodic massacre, Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical features two bigoted old ladies, a couple of love-struck lesbians and a chorus line of gruesome, glittering zombies. Directed by Rebecca Thomson, Cupcake has made a splash internationally and returns for a Tassie Screening.

Manganinnie (1980) – Director John Honey holding a Q&A

In 1830s Tasmania, while on a journey for survival, an Aboriginal woman finds a white girl and teaches her Aboriginal language and lore.

Friday 16th September @ the Snug Community Hall, Snug

Short Docs – Director Troy Melville holding a Q&A

TESTING TAKLO (2004) directed by Troy Melville
Taklo, an Ethiopian refugee, is desperate for his driver’s licence. All appears bleak until Helen, his next door neighbour, comes to his aid.

DE WITT ISLAND, 7001 (2003) directed by Ella Kennedy
The story of a woman, who at 18 ran away to live on one of most remote and inhospitable islands off Tasmania.

SOUTH HOBART, 7004 (2003) directed by Ranald Allan
New age mountain men.

Saturday 17th September @ Brookfield, Margate
Tale of Ruby Rose (1987) - Director Roger Scholes holding a Q&A

In the wild and isolated wilderness of the Tasmanian highlands, Ruby Rose is overcome by her phobic fear of darkness. Ruby cries out to the elemental spirits that surround her. She is driven to take a harrowing journey out of the mountains to seek help from her lost grandmother.

Saturday 17th September @ Woodbridge Community Hall, Woodbridge

Raw Nerve Short Films - Director Bernard Lloyd holding a Q&A

IRON WILL (2008) directed byVivien Mason
HELP WANTED (2008) directed by Daniel Weavell
HENRY FINN (2008) directed by Shaun Wilson
NEXT OF KIN (2008) directed by Rose Schramm
WATER: A Poem (2009) directed by Justus Neumann & Andrew Del Vecchio
DAUGHTER OF SANDOMENICO (2009) directed by Marisa Mastrocola
THE TIN MAN (2009) directed by Bernard Lloyd
THE GARDENER (2009) directed by Jasmine Cameron

When: 3pm Sunday 18th September @ Snug Community Hall, Snug
Sound of One Hand Clapping (1998) directed by Richard Flanagan
Sunday 18th September @ Snug Community Hall, Snug

During the winter of 1954, in a remote Tasmanian construction camp of migrant workers, Sonja Buloh’s mother Melita Jurisic) walks out of their hut, leaving her three year old daughter Arabella Wane) alone. Her distraught father (Kristof Kaczmarek) perseveres with the dream of a new life in a new country, but he is soon crushed into an alcoholic despair. By the time Sonja turns 16, she is driven to leave him. Nearly 20 years later, single and pregnant Kerry Fox), she returns to Tasmania’s highlands and her father, in an attempt to put the pieces of her life into some coherent framework. Initial awkwardness and pain notwithstanding, she slowly unravels her family’s history, especially a secret she never knew about her vanished mother. She also learns about love, and how one hand cannot clap alone.