Little Lamb

A young convict woman desperate for freedom rashly chooses a new master, but alone on his isolated farm her hopes for a new life are undermined by the grim truths she discovers.

DIRECTOR & WRITER: Heidi Lee Douglas
PRODUCERS: Heidi Lee Douglas & Roger Scholes
DURATION:  10 min
YEAR: 2012

1829. Louisa is a convict trapped in the living hell of a British prison in faraway Van Diemen's Land. She ignores warnings from her prison mate and places her hopes for freedom in becoming the servant of the mysterious Mr Black. On his remote farm, Louisa befriends an orphaned lamb as she adjusts to her new position. Now at the mercy of her new master, she must obey his wishes despite her reservations or face the grim truths hidden in the darkness.


Nov, 2012 - Launch -  Stanley Burbury Theatre, Hobart


Georgia Lucy - Louisa           
James Grim - Mr Black
Jude Kuring - Agnes


Abi Binning - Executive Producer
Roger Scholes - Mentor Producer
Karel Segers - Script Editor
Leuke Marriott - Cinematographer
Heidi Lee Douglas - Editor
BW Douglas - Composer
Tobi Armbruster - Sound Recordist
Sally Thompson & Gushi Soda - Art Directors

Production date: 2014
Run time: 22'22"

Short Film Corner - Cannes Court Métrage, France, 2014
Stranger with My Face Horror Film Festival - Tasmania, August, 2014
Fantastic Fest - Texas, USA, September 2014
Melbourne Underground Film Festival - Victoria, September 2014
Dungog Film Festival - NSW, September 2014
NYC Independent Film Festival - USA, October, 2014
Seen and Heard Festival - Melbourne, November, 2014
Monsterfest - Melbourne, November, 2014
All Things Horror, Etheria Film Festival - Boston USA, December 2014
Women in Horror Fundraiser - Melbourne, February 2015
Flickerfest - Sydney, February 2015
Flickerfest Tour - Tasmania, March 2015
Holly Shorts LA Premier - March 2015
Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, May 2015 (USA)
Days of the Dead Horror Convention, Etheria World Tour, June 2015 (USA)
AFI/AACTA's Social Shorts, August 2015 (Australia)
Motor City Nightmares International Film Festival, September 2015 (USA)
Ax Wound Film Festival, October 2015 (USA)
Sacramento Horror Film Festival, October 2015 (USA)
Asian Premiere - Scream Queen Film Festival, October 2015 (Japan)
Halloweenapalooza, October 2015 (USA)
South American Premiere - Mac Horror Film Festival, November 2015 (Brazil)
Scream Queen Film Festival - Tour to Nagoya, February 2016 (Japan)
Women in Horror Month - Arlington Massachusetts, February 2016 (USA)

Best Thriller Short - Motor City Nightmares Haunted Halloween Horror Film Festival 2015
Honourable Mention - Australian Shorts, Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival 2014
Best Script - 10 by 10 Script Challenge, Stranger With My Face Film Festival 2012

Cannes Short Film Corner, May 2014 (France)
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival Market, February 2015 (France)
Palm Springs International ShortFest Film Market, June 2015 (USA)

Little Lamb will be broadcast in the USA and across Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa in 2016 by Shorts TV. This non-exclusive broadcast licence is for 3 years.