Lenzhound Follow Focus

Lenzhound Image

The Lenzhound is a wireless follow focus system designed for independent filmmakers, consists of the handheld remote transmitter unit (RTX-1) and the motor/receiver unit (DB-1) which attaches to the user’s DSLR or video camera.

The DB-1 lens motor is targeted towards DSLR and video cameras employing lenses with manual operation rings, but can be utilized with certain, heavier cinema lenses too.

The system features open source, Arduino compatible firmware which enables a powerful array of user generated, optional settings.

The Lenzhound System offers a flexible, wireless and user-friendly method of extending lens control to an assistant camera operator or “focus puller” enabling professional, cinematic filmmaking.

Find extensive operating instructions here: https://www.motiondogs.com/content/27-firmware-v2-quickstart


More information about the Lenzhound: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1608311032/lenzhound-wireless-lens-motor-control-system/description

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