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  • Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 02:00 PM

    Silver Screen - The Franklin Wild River

    Franklin Wild River

    “A wilderness is a place not marked by the hand of modern man. A place that’s free of houses and cars, and urbanisation, and industry and agriculture. And the Franklin is one of those very rare places left on the Earth which fulfils that criterion.” Bob Brown

    In 1980 respected conservationist, future Australian Senator and leader of the Greens, Bob Brown, paddled a rubber dinghy through the spectacular rapids of Tasmania’s mighty Franklin River. Part of a filmed campaign to halt plans to flood the river and bring international awareness to the remarkably untouched natural habitat, The Franklin Wild River is a thought-provoking meditation on one of Australia’s last great outposts. The Franklin and Gordon rivers were listed as part of Tasmania’s World Heritage Area in 1982 and became the focus of the largest conservation campaign in Australia’s history.

    Watch the trailer

    Rating: G
    Runtime: 48min

    Theater date 1980

    Directed by Michael Cordell, Stacey Gavrily and Chris Noone

    Featuring Bob Brown and Paul Smith

    SilverScreen is a free monthly screening programme of iconic and important Australian films.  It’s a great opportunity for audiences to access Australian film, meet other film lovers and hear from the actors, directors and producers at a post film Q&A. The films screen monthly in the comfortable theatre at Wide Angle, with plenty of opportunity for refreshments. This programme is possible through support from the Hobart City Council.