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Wide Angle Tasmania provides a range of training courses, workshops, seminars and masterclasses designed to assist you enter the screen industry, extend your skills or consolidate your practice.  We also provide information here about workshops, masterclasses and courses that may be of interest to those wanting to improve their craft and business skills in the screen sector.

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  • Friday, February 22, 2019 at 08:00 PM · 2 rsvps

    Tasmanian Short Docs - Wide Angle Cinema

    WAT Cinema

    Wide Angle Cinema is a curated programme of important Australian films screening every month at the Wide Angle Screen Centre in South Hobart.  With support from the City of Hobart, Wide Angle Tasmania presents a feature length programme for free to audiences.  It’s a great opportunity for audiences to access Australian film, meet other film lovers and hear from the actors, directors and producers at a post film Q&A.  

    All donations made at the door will support Wide Angle to continue our work developing, supporting and encouraging Tasmanian filmmakers in 2019. 

    To launch the programme, in February we will showcase is a special collection of short documentary films produced by Tasmanian filmmakers with the support of Wide Angle:


    Before It Falls
    The Totem Pole has captured imaginations, blood, sweat and tears of the world’s greatest climbers. When their efforts have come and gone the rock, the precarious Totem Pole, is all that endures.
    Director: Simon Bischoff
    Producer: Mathew Farrell and Simon Bischoff

    Duration: 12 mins

    Supported through Audacity Fund, 2016

    Protector and Defender 

    Madeline is a young woman who has been told she’s too white to be Aboriginal, and while many young people in Wynyard are disempowered, Madeline’s connection to Country and her proud lineage give her resilience and a strong sense of identity.

    DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Ninna Millikin
    CO-PRODUCERS: Lara Van Raay & Rebecca Thomson
    DURATION: 5mins 43secs
    Supported through Step-Out Web 17, 2016

    The Garden
    We journey through a suburban garden and discover an eclectic bunch of garden ornaments, insects and animals existing in a world of interconnectedness, conflict and struggle, coping with the impending natural cycle of growth and decay.

    DIRECTOR & PRODUCER: Craige Langworthy

    Duration: 11mins

    Supported through Audacity Fund, 2016

    Source ‘Our Co-Op’  
    Source is a cooperative business run by volunteers creating a sustainable system of food production.  Finding community can be the greatest ally for changing the world

    WRITTEN & DIRECTED: Carly Rusden
    PRODUCER: Mark Thomson

    Duration: 8.51
    Supported through Red Flag, 2016

    Confessions of a Date-a-holic
    Mish is a 29 year old self confessed date-aholic from Australia. Telling her story for the first time, Mish reveals what life is like for someone who can’t stop dating. We also hear from some of Mish’s ex-dates - and aren’t they in for a surprise!  For Mish, dating isn’t just part of her life, it IS her life.

    Producer: Dave Flower

    Duration: 5 mins

    Supported through Raw Nerve, 2013

    A Farmer’s Daughter 

    Jenine is a Cygnet local who has spent the last 30 years farming cattle, but when the dirty work is done, the overalls come off and she gets to work on her home which she has meticulously turned into a living museum full to overflowing of collectables.

    CO-PRODUCERS: Ninna Millikan and Rebecca Thomson
    DURATION: 5mins 36secs
    Supported through Step-Out Web 17, 2016

    Matthew explores the public and private life of a 40 year old teacher, father and performance artist, whose story details how this small-town Catholic boy came to terms with his sexuality and was given a second chance through self acceptance.
    DIRECTOR: Cathy Allen
    PRODUCER: Aaron Luke Wilson & Cathy Allen

    Duration: 5.47

    Supported through Raw Nerve, 2014

    The Radiophonic Artist 

    Welcome to the strange and magical world of sound performance artist Julia Drouhin, where radios are instruments and records are edible.

    DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Rebecca Thomson
    CO-PRODUCERS: Lara van Raay & Ninna Millikin
    DURATION: 5mins 1sec
    Supported through Step-Out Web 17, 2016

    Blood of Life
    The poetry of pura-lia meenamatta (Jim Evverett) reflects his philosophy on the connection between country, place and all-life.
    DIRECTED: Troy Melville
    PRODUCED: Troy Melville, Jim Everett

    DURATION: 6 mins

    Supported through Audacity Fund, 2016

    Girl Needs a Bike 

    In rural villages in Ghana, Clara faces the challenges of teaching as her students discover the happiness of having wheels. This whimsical animated documentary shows how bicycling brings joy to a new teacher and independence to her students.

    DIRECTOR: Vivien Mason & Letitia Lamb
    PRODUCER: Vivien Mason & Letitia Lamb
    Duration: 3mins

    Supported through Step-Up Film Fund, 2015

    68 total run time




  • Thursday, March 07, 2019 at 10:30 AM · 4 rsvps
    Wide Angle Tasmania in South Hobart, Australia

    iGen Cinema - March 7


    A look at one year in the life of four babies from around the world, from Mongolia to Namibia to San Francisco to Tokyo. 

    iGEN Cinema is a specially curated programme of films for pre-schoolers and their carers. With support from City of Hobart, Wide Angle Tasmania presents each screening for free to introduce little ones to the big screen in a kid-friendly space.

    Re-defining the nonfiction art form, Babies joyfully captures on film the earliest stages of the journey of humanity that are at once unique and universal to us all.

    Chronicling the day-to-day lives of four babies in four far-flung locations around the world -- Mongolia, Namibia, Japan, and California - the film savors the wonders of the first year of life.  Using very little dialogue and stunning digital photography captured at baby-POV level, the film celebrates universal milestones - nursing, eating, crawling, walking - and presents stark cultural differences without judgment. 

    Watch the trailer here


    Running time: 78 mins

    Rating: G

    Cost:  Free - donations are encouraged

    BYO cushion, toys and snacks.

  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 02:00 PM

    Rabbit Proof Fence - Silver Screen

    Silver Screen
    ‘In 1931, three half-white, half-Aboriginal girls escape after being plucked from their houses to be trained as domestic staff, and set off on a journey across the Outback.’

    Directed by Phillip Noyce, Rabbit Proof Fence was the AFI winner of Best Australian Film in 2002. After the screening, Join us for a Q&A with Mike Gissing who worked closely with the creators on the behind the scenes documentary.   

    Watch the trailer here


    SilverScreen is a free monthly screening programme of iconic and important Australian films.  It’s a great opportunity for audiences to access Australian film, meet other film lovers and hear from the actors, directors and producers at a post film Q&A. The films screen monthly in the comfortable theatre at Wide Angle, with plenty of opportunity for refreshments. This programme is possible through support from the Hobart City Council.