Kirsty Stark joins the team

We're pretty excited to have Kirsty Stark join the team - working with us on the design of Step-Out Web 17 - and as the lead presenter for the weekly webinars rolling out each Monday at 6pm in September.  Welcome Kirsty!

Kirst Stark BIO

Kirsty Stark is a producer at Epic Films in Adelaide. She began her film career in camera department, working with some of Australia’s most prominent directors and DPs on feature films and shorts, before starting to produce.

Kirsty’s producing credits include the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series Wastelander Panda: Exile for ABC iview (director Victoria Cocks), and the Madman Production Company feature film A Month of Sundays (director Matthew Saville). She has recently completed Goober, a short comedy series for ABC iview (directors Brendon Skinner & Simon Williams).

Kirsty’s strength lies in thinking outside standard production methodologies, a skill which led to the innovative online process that brought Wastelander Panda’s two series to life and saw her awarded the Emerging Producer Award at the 2013 SA Screen Awards. She is currently developing several projects across film and television.

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