Kessler Pocket Dolly

The Pocket Dolly™ V2.0 is the benchmark to which every camera slider on the market compares itself. This ultra-portable and versatile dolly can be fully motorized or controlled via its unique crank handle. Providing quiet, consistent and smooth camera movement, the Pocket Dolly v2.0 is a professional grade camera slider that works day in and day out to create beautiful linear motion camera shots users desire.

97cm in length.
Download the manual here

Motorised option
Kit includes:
Kessler ElektraDRIVE 100 Series Motor pod
Kessler Motion Control Package and cables

Kessler ElektraDRIVE 100 Series Motor pod

The 100 Series motor is the suggested normal use motor for the Pocket Dolly, and the suggested quicker live use motor for the CineSlider. Approximate Dynamic Range below, for continuous live movement at the lowest and highest motor speed settings. In Timelapse mode, the motors are stepped, to slow them down to where they could take years, using the pulse method.

  • Pocket Dolly - 1 min 4 sec/ft (slow) 1.6 sec/ft (fast)
  • CineSlider - 56 sec/ft (slow) & 0.83 sec/ft (fast)

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