Two young adults, Andrea and Caleb, come face to face with the complexities of sexual consent and realise technology won’t provide the answers.

WRITER: Adam Ransley
DURATION: 9mins 43secs
YEAR: 2018

In the not too distant future sexual consent is still presenting problems for humans. Andrea and Caleb use an app that records each others consent, but there’s something not quite right about Karen, Caleb’s AI home computer. Andrea asks for her to be put into sleep mode before they get intimate, but when things are well under way Andrea notices Karen still standing in the corner of the bedroom, filming them. Movie-staring her. Caleb’s making secrete pornos. Andrea storms out, but not before enlisting Karen’s help to turn the tables on Caleb.


Nerve 2018 Industry screening - Hobart, January 2019

Samantha James-Radford - Andrea
Felix Jarvis - Caleb 
Sara Cooper - Karen 
Emalisa White - Chloe 

Director/Producer - George Underwood 
Writer - Adam Ransley 
Executive Producer - Abi Binning
Script Mentor - Claire d'Este
Mentor Producer - Di Drew 
Director Of Photography - Aaron Luke Wilson 
Production Manager - Emma Wilson
Ellie Smith - Assistant Director
Rose Schramm - Sound Recordist
Ville Karvonen - Boom Operator
Rachael Cleary - Continuity
Mathew Farrell - Gaffer
Caleb Schenk - Best Boys
Lauren Watson - 1st Assistant Camera
Fiona Lloyd - Production Designer
Fiona Lloyd - Props
Oliver Potter - Set Dresser
Emily Roberts - Standby Props
Joanne Collins - Costume Designer
Kaja Piatek - Make-Up Artist
Brad Harris - Stills Photographer
Lauren Wilson - Stills Photography
Emma Wilson - Unit Manager
Cathy Allen - Casting Assistant
Brad Harris - Drone Pilot
Adam Ransley - Drone Pilot
Oliver Potter - Stunt Driver
Jeff Kirkland - Green Screen
Driftwood Restaurant – Catering
Tim Berry - Runner
Holly Bearman - Production Assistant 
Nick Storr - Composer
Saxon Hornett - Composer
Mike Sampey - Visual Effects
Benjamin Nelan - Visual Effects
Mike Sampey - Editor
Mike Gissing (Digital City Studios) - Sound Editor
Mike Gissing (Digital City Studios) - Colour Grade