Joel Wilson

Producer / Director / Editor / Cinematographer 

Freelance Director & Editor based in South Hobart. 

Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in TV and Screen Production (Auckland University of Technology).

  • published PA Speaker System 2019-07-23 11:05:53 +1000

    PA Speaker System

    The QSC CP8 PA Speaker System is a compact, highly portable speaker set perfect for your next public event. The two speakers are equipped with a highly-efficient, 1000-watt power amplifier, matching transducers and advanced DSP, delivering performance beyond expectations for a loudspeaker of this size. Complete with two stands and a pair of XLR cables, the system is ready to use at the flick of a switch. 

    Kit includes

    • 2x Loudspeakers
    • 2x Speaker Stands
    • XLR Cables
    • Microphone Stand (stand only; no microphone)

    The individual Speakers and Stands can also be hired separately - 

    • Speakers - $50 each per day / $75 weekend / $200 week
    • Speaker stands - $18 each per day / $27 weekend / $72 week

    For more information, check out the QSC website.

  • published The Quiet Boy in previous initiatives 2019-06-11 09:23:33 +1000

    The Quiet Boy

    Madison tries having a relationship with a shy boy called Mark. Madison finds it frustrating but knows only she can break Mark’s shell.

    DURATION: 6min 36secs
    YEAR: 2019

    Mark has developed a low self esteem from past experiences of banter in his life. Madison falls for him and tries having a relationship with him. Grace her friend is against her being together because of what Mark used to be before he was shy. This is until Nathan, one of Mark’s friends, tells her about the effects of banter on him and she soon understands that Madison is Mark’s only hope to feel more confident in himself. But Mark doesn’t feel comfortable about putting Madison through the relationship anymore and breaks it off.


    End Game Round 3 Showcase, May 10 2019

    Liam Vanderwal
    Cally Spangler
    Erica Patulny
    Ellis Swinbourne

    KEY CREW: 
    Ellis Swinbourne
    Tom Roberts
    Josh Oxley 
    Patrick Noble



  • published Squash Promotional Video in previous initiatives 2019-06-11 09:18:59 +1000

    Squash Promotional Video

    Are YOU up for the Challenge?

    DURATION: 1min 32secs
    YEAR: 2019


    Squash was a very popular sport throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, but in recent years, the sport has lost its popularity due to minimal media attention. This promotional video aims to reintroduce the sport as a fun, yet challenging, addition to your life, outlining the benefits of why you should be playing squash over anything else.



    End Game Round 2 Showcase, Feb 2019


    Jack Bradley
    Mark Hudson
    Keiran Brown
    Jamie Pattison
    Maggy Marshall
    Jack Hudson
    Caitlin Purvis
    Gaye Mitchell
    Fiona Plummer
    Jenny Plummer


    Director/Writer/Producer - Tom Roberts
    Camera - Stewart Mackay
    Sound Recordist - Douglas Armstrong
    1st Assistant Camera - Patrick Foster
    Production Assistant - Caitlin Purvis


  • published Instadate in previous initiatives 2019-06-11 09:17:49 +1000


    Summer and Dan have been dating online. Tonight, they meet in person and Dan gets more than he bargained for!

    DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Lauren Watson
    WRITER: Brian Hopson
    DURATION: 9min 30sec
    YEAR: 2019

    Summer and Dan have been dating online for a few weeks through the dating website ‘InstaDate’. They meet in person for the first time and Dan gets more than he bargained for, but little does Summer know, Dan has a hidden agenda of his own. A humorous, quirky film representing the fears, struggles and uncertainties of dating in 2019.


    End Game Round 3 Showcase, May 10 2019

    Summer - Lauren Watson
    Dan - Adam Ransley

    KEY CREW: 
    Executive Producer - Emma Wilson
    Production Manager/Casting Assistant - Cathy Allen
    1st Assistant Director - Ellie Smith
    Director of Photography: Aaron Luke Wilson
    1st Assistant Camera: Caleb Schenk
    Catering: Melissa Watson
    Unit Manager: Alanna Rowe
    Gaffer/Stills Photographer: Brad Harris
    Best Boy: Nat Kerruish
    Hair/Makeup: Kaja Piatek
    Production Designer: Emily Roberts
    Sound Recordist: Lauren Eaton
    Editor: Joel Wilson
    Composer: Jose M. Guia III
    Colour Grading/Sound Design: Michael Gissing



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