Industry responds to the review of Screen Tasmania and Arts Tasmania assessment process

Media release issued Sept 22

The Arts Minister Elise Archer announced on Sept 18 that “The Cultural and Creative Industries Act 2017 includes an independent system of peer assessment and expert advice in all funding decisions under Screen Tasmania and Arts Tasmania. However, all grant recipients have a responsibility to ensure they use funding appropriately and within the guidelines of the law. Accordingly, to maintain the integrity of this independent process, I have asked for the assessment process to be reviewed to ensure that illegal activities are not promoted or endorsed.

Our position is that, far from maintaining the integrity of the process, such a review threatens the independence of screen funding in the state. The decisions of Tasmania’s arts funding bodies Screen Tasmania and Arts Tasmania must remain independent of the politics of the day. Interference in this process, or even the suggestion of it, will tarnish these agencies' reputations, their relationship with filmmakers and artists and the state’s reputation as a place of artistic excellence. 

At a time when creative workers face diminishing opportunities and great economic uncertainty, the last thing they should have to worry about is a fight to maintain their artistic integrity.

We agree with Minister Archer’s statement that Screen Tasmania’s production funding decisions are based on an independent system of peer assessment and expert advice.  The process is appropriately at arms-length of government and therefore the assessment process does not need to be reviewed in this case.  

We call on all members of parliament to throw their support behind Tasmanian screen businesses and filmmakers during this challenging time so that we can get back to work - work that shapes and reflects our culture and contributes to the state’s economy.

Further enquiries:
Abi Binning
Executive Director - Wide Angle Tasmania
Email: [email protected]
Ph: 03 6223 8344 or 0437 987 003

This statement is issued by Wide Angle Tasmania and supported by the following filmmakers, screen business owners and individuals:

Michael Gissing

Paul Moran

Susanne Schantz

John X

Matthew Newton

Ricky Pfeiffer

Yolanda Smith

Matthew Newell

Rebecca Thomson

Anthony Dickinson

Geraldine Robertson

Rogan Brown

Lisa Gormley

Vivien Mason

Mark Thomson

Martine Delaney

Annie Venables

Sharon Connolly

Felicity Wilkinson

Kate Boden

Elise Stansfield

Timothy Powell

Lara Van Raay

Rob Blakers

Angeline Drury

Jose Navarro

Deidre McMaster

Helen Edwards

Bella Young

Brian Smith

Emma Wilson

Andrew Del Vecchio

Rose Schramm

Lucien Simon

Daniel James

Kalli Reid

Catherine Pettman

Tobi Armbruster

Benjamin Stephenson

Roger Scholes

Gina Edwards

Tim Cooper

Fiona Lloyd

Janiebelle Reilly

Glenn Paton

Chris Kamen

Dave Tottle

Stuart Hobson 

Sam Campbell

Hamed Zaremoghaddam

Eliya Cohen

Ella Kennedy

Tom Roberts

Melanie Sandford

Graeme Richardson

Finn Clarke

Brad Harris

Paula Hatton

Eleanor Downes

David Rowlands

Simon Nasht

Briony Kidd

Sara Glaoua

Tim Paige

Shaun Wilson

Eloise Murphy

Bessie Byrne

Nathan Collinson

Daniela Brozek

Marcus Knott

Kylie Eastley

Rose Vallentine

Thomas Waugh

Joseph Cann

Tony De Cesare

Alexandra Hullah

David Hudspeth

Fraser Johnston

Additional support for the statement (received after the media release was issued) include:

Troy Melville

Scott Fraser

Cary Littleford

Dan Broun

Bruce Moyle

Celia Boden

Johnny Reid

Andy Ciddor

Nubar Ghazarian

Eleanor Tucker

Letitia Lamb

Anna Cadden

Kasimir Burgess

Tasmanian Filmmakers Alliance

Women in Film and Television (WIFT) Australia - Tasmanian chapter

Jane Wilson

Nadira Farid

Heather Doubleday

David M

Clancy Walker

Ela Furdas

Tony Wright

Rolf de Heer

Molly Reynolds

Brett Nutting

Wendy McLeod

Tara Carroll

Noel McPharlin

Gill Shilling

Susan Haley

Peter McInnes

Judith Colquhoun

Robert Thompson

Sue Wayne

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