Ignite Digi

Email: tom@ignitedigi.com.au
Phone: 0414468562

Chris brings his engineering and technical innovation to Ignite Digi. He is our chief pilot, designer and engineer. Tom brings his creative eye to Ignite Digi. He is our in house cinematographer, MōVI controller and editor.

Utilising UAVs with the MoVi gimbal, ARRI Alexa Mini or Red Epics and a professional pilot and camera team to operate it, we capture amazing aerials for your production with ease and efficiency. You will enjoy a full 1080p live feed from the Alexa Mini or Red Epic that ensures we capture exactly what you want, with remote focus and iris control systems allowing lenses from 8mm through to 85mm.

The MoVI stabiliser can be used handheld, on our steadicam arm and vest (removing vertical movement), mounted to our cablecam or to our vehicle for super stable tracking shots that feel like you’re flying. Mix this with our live 1080p wireless video feed and remote iris and focus for limitless creativity.

2 x Custom built drones capable of safely carrying 9kg payload
Gimbals for handheld and aerials:
1 x MoVI Pro gimbal
1 x MoVI M15 gimbal
2 x Futaba 8FG controllers
1 x Steadicam Flyer LE for use with MoVI to remove vertical movement
1 x Cablecam and rope system
1 x Stabilized car mount for front, rear and top shots utilizing the MoVI

Arri Alexa Mini kit
Arri Alexa Mini (PL mount, Canon EF mount)
6 x 128GB CFast 2.0 cards
MAP-1 and MAP-2 plates
1 x CSP-1 Shoulder mount
1 x BAP-1 Battery plate V Lock
Top handle and side cages
Other assorted accessories and cables
Quick release shoulder mount/tripod kit for under 1 minute changeovers from MoVI
Red Epic Kits
2 x Red Epic MX 5K cinema cameras (Canon EF, Nikon F mount, PL mount)
2 x Red 512GB Redmags
2 x Red 128GB Redmags
1 x 5” Touch LCD
1 x 7” Touch LCD
1 x Camera cage with side handles
1 x Quick release plate
2 x V lock adapters

Lenses and accessories
1 x Samyang Cine lens kit (16 T2.2, 24 T1.5, 35 T1.5, 50 T1.5, 85mm T1.5)
1 x Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens
1 x Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens
1 x Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR lens
1 x Formatt Firecrest IRND kit (0.3-2.4)
1 x Tiffen IRND kit (0.3-1.8) with Hot mirror
2 x Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 wireless 1080p system (400m+ line of sight range)
1 x Rock Steady Pictures Panel Antenna for extra range on the Bolt 2000
2 x RTmotion MK3.1 Wireless focus, iris and camera start/stop system (2 motors)
2 x 21.5” Daylight viewable (1000nit) 1080p LCD monitor
1 x SmallHD 702 high bright LCD kit
1 x SmallHD 502 LCD/EVF kit
Data wrangling kit

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Drone Aerials and On ground MoVI team, Email: tom@ignitedigi.com.au Phone: 0414468562___